($20 Single Session) Restorative Yoga & Counseling for Stress with Melissa Garner

($20 Single Session) Restorative Yoga & Counseling for Stress

Restorative Yoga for Stress

Indulge the senses in this candle lit restorative yoga group, designed to provide a safe place to rest, reflect, and restore the mind and body. Restorative yoga is especially gentle and practiced primarily on the floor with a variety of props including bolsters, straps, blankets, and eye pillows (provided). Topics explored in this restorative yoga group include recognizing and managing stress triggers, chronic overwhelm, and emotional burn-out. A variety of therapeutic modalities are offered in this group, including guided muscle relaxation, aromatherapy, gentle and restorative stretching, mindful breathing exercises, and an (optional) shoulder press.

4:00 – 5:15, Mondays

$120/ten classes
$75/5 classes
$20/single class

Melissa Garner is a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga teacher.

Please visit www.self-haven.com for more information.

Monday 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm (URU Yoga – 9 Mile)

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