New Year’s Day Candlelight Release Yin & Fire Ceremony with Angela Watts

New Year’s Day Candlelight Release Yin & Fire Ceremony

“What is in the past, should be left right there.”
As we make way for new growth, journeys, friendships and discovery, we must make room for opportunity. We must acknowledge and honor the lessons that we have learned this past year. We will honor the hard lessons learned, the lessons that (for different reasons) we are still hording. We tend to harbor guilt or pain, as if we are continuing to protect or teach our body.
Come and release with us.
We will start class with finding what lessons you have learned and wish to let go of, which lessons we can honor, reflect, and release. At the end of class we will set fire to those lessons, letting the ashes be carried away.
This class is no extra charge and will be purchased as a normal Monday night Candlelight Yin class. Class passes can be applied as can drop ins

Monday 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm (URU Yoga – Downtown)

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