Rise & Energize Yoga with Jolee Morehead

Rise and Energize
5:30 is early. Crazy early, especially for some of us. But for those of us with crazy schedules (like nurses working 12-hour shifts), fitting in any kind of exercise or yoga practice can seem impossible. So on Mondays, instead of hitting the snooze button, roll over, throw on your yoga clothes (or come in your scrubs), pour that cup of coffee, and join us for a slow-moving, strengthening, and energizing yoga practice. We will begin with breathing exercises and gentle stretches. We will move mindfully though energizing sun salutations into poses designed to strengthen the core. According to the American Journal of Critical Care, “Every single day in the United States, 9000 healthcare workers sustain a disabling injury.” We all know that (despite the magical slide sheets) transferring patients takes a toll on our backs. One way to combat our potential for injuries is to strengthen our core muscles so we have more support for our spinal columns. We will end our early morning ‘hour of power’ with deep relaxation and a handful of chocolate-covered espresso beans. All levels are welcome. BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee).
This class is discounted for all nurses.

Monday 5:30 am – 6:30 am (URU Yoga)

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