Sunday Yoga Lounge Gentle Flow with Jenny Diebold

Sunday Yoga Lounge Gentle Flow

Welcome to Sunday Yoga Lounge Gentle Flow. Sunday mornings are for lounging. Put down that computer, coffee or the newspaper if you still get it and experience an eclectic yoga lounge flow, set to exotic global tunes. This eclectic yoga class is perfect for beginners and the more practiced student. Based on asanas or physical poses, this form of yoga helps balance mind, body, and spirit. This class starts with a breathing exercise or pranayama meditation that helps students find their quiet center and prepare for the sequence that follows. Ebb and flow links with the steady paced poses. Students are guided by description, visualization and being “in the moment.” The class ends with Savasana, personal time for deep relaxation and an appropriate chant. All levels are welcome! Expect something new and eclectic. Bring an open mind and be prepared to enjoy an energizing and refreshing Sunday morning yoga lounge experience!
This class is accessible for most beginners.  

Sunday 12:00 pm – 1:10 pm (URU Yoga)

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