URU Yoga Gulf Breeze now has 3 offerings in our Treehouse: counseling for children & adults and art therapy. We lovingly call these women

The Ladies Upstairs

Welcome to Tiffany, Anne-Marie & Lyissa!

Tiffany Cross owns Cross Family Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who provides services to kids, teens, and adults in areas of depression, anxiety, ADHD, self esteem issues, stress/life balance, and relationship/communication issues. Originally from Louisiana, Tiffany moved to Texas after receiving her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Master’s Degree of Education in School Counseling then pursued her professional counseling licensure at Southern Methodist University.  Tiffany started professional counseling in 2011 and has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings. She also had the privilege of working in the field of education as a teacher and school counselor from 2003- 2012. Tiffany specializes in professional Christian Counseling but offers a purely clinical approach if desired.

Tiffany’s goal is to offer you a warm and welcoming environment where you can come as you are and find comfort, acceptance, support, and guidance during life’s challenging circumstances. Tiffany is in the process of getting paneled with insurance companies and is offering very reasonable rates. You can contact Tiffany at 850.323.0674 or for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can also visit her website at to learn more. FL License #: PMH1508



Anne-Marie Collins is an art therapist. The door to creativity, self-expression, and personal growth can be opened through art. Be. Made. Well. The mission of Madewell Art Studio is to provide the Gulf Breeze and surrounding communities with a safe and welcoming space for therapeutic art making. We will strive to foster personal growth, establish and attain goals, and focus on you or your child’s needs as a client.

I attended graduate school at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This experience honed my art therapist identity and I finished with a Master’s degree in 2009. After graduating,  I sojourned on a life altering therapeutic arts trip to East Africa, working with women and children in the slums of Nairobi and the coastal communities of Tanzania. Since that time, I’ve brought art therapy to several differing client populations. I have also taught graduate art therapy courses and supervised interns as they walk through the first steps of becoming art therapists themselves. Over the past decade my focus has been in the fields of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse, and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. I’ve also worked with children as young as two and adults older than 92. It is my honor to be present for my clients during some of the most challenging times of life.

Visit Anne-Marie’s web page at or contact her at ATCB#11-250


Elizabeth (Lyissa) O’Connor, M.A., E-RYT

Challenges such as depression and anxiety can be the result of confusion about  identity “who am I?”, life direction “what do I want to be when I grow up?” and transitions “I thought my life would look ….. by the time I was……(fill in the blanks)!”. I have a passion for guiding my clients in the work to self-discovery. Questioning and the quest for self-discovery are a natural part of  emerging adulthood- those who are 17-35, and also occur during life changes/transitions.

As a therapist, my training and expertise enables me to help you make sense of how you are feeling, how you got where you are, and how to make change happen. I approach therapy collaboratively- meaning you are always the expert on your life and your experiences. The mind and body connection is an important factor in my collaborative approach to therapy. Certifications in Health Psychology and Yoga inform my perspective on the effects of emotion stored in the body, and guides my work with clients who have experienced trauma or who have been diagnosed with chronic illness.

I earned my B.A. and M.A. in Psychology from the University of West Florida. I have maintained a professional level of Yoga Instruction since 2002, allowing me to train teachers and provide professional CEU’s. I conducted and presented research based on mindfulness, suicidality, and nutrition in addition to earning a master’s level certification in Health Psychology at the University of West Florida concurrently with my M.A. in Psychology. Find me at Maitri Counseling Center (850) 450-0036 and I’m listed on Psychology Today. FL License # 14937