Private Yoga Instructors

Ashlyn Swafford: 
Aerial: Silk Hammock or Lyra & Flexibility Training

Silk Hammock sessions utilize a static fabric setup for conditioning, strengthening, stretching, and tricks. All levels; great for an introduction to aerial arts.

Lyra sessions use a steel hoop hung vertically in a similar manner to silks.A lyra session is versatile as well, however, the hoop is very intense on the body. All physicality levels welcomed but those with major neck, back, hand, and shoulder injuries may not be able to utilize lyra and should consult with a doctor for clearance before scheduling.

Flexibility Training utilizes yoga, yogic breath, strengthening exercises, and active flexibility work for safely increasing range of motion, never forceful pushing.

David Bryan: 
Yin, Restorative, or Gentle Yoga sessions. Yin includes longer holds of passive postures to stress connective tissue, it is beneficial in promoting looking within yourself. Restorative is a completely passive practice that seeks to promote resetting the nervous system and restoring the body and mind. Gentle practice with me would be geared towards getting your body moving in a way that facilitates you feeling good in your body while opening up functional movement.

Kerry Whiteley: All levels and practices of yoga, includes philosophy, meditation and her homemade and healthy Sweet & Simple Raw Chocolates. Kerry focuses on clear instruction and alignment.

Kristy West: All levels of experience aka “all the yoga”…Kristy offers whatever the student needs in their practice: beginner, hot, power for athletes, restorative, yoga with weights, beach yoga, etc.

Lynn Ball-Jackson: A seasoned yoga instructor, massage therapist and songstress and loves sharing this peaceful practice with others! She specializes in working with beginners  and those who seek gentle , relaxing stress- relief. Her calming presence is a welcome balm in today’s fast-paced society.

Melissa Garner: All levels

Sydney Armin: All levels including beach yoga on Yobo board, meditation



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