Aerial Meditation with Ashlyn Swafford

Aerial Meditation

Join Ashlyn as she leads a guided meditation into bliss with the silks. This special candlelit class will start with gentle stretch and move to meditation inside the comfort of the silk hammock. It is accessible to all levels. There are a limited number of silks so please sign up and pre-pay to secure your cocoon.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
URU Tippin
14 silks available only
$15 for everyone

2017-04-27 19:30:00 – 2017-04-27 20:45:00

Yoga Mudras with Lynn with Lynn Ball Jackson

Yoga Mudras with Lynn

Insight into Mudras Workshop:

We will connect to our higher intellect and intuitive nature and gain the knowledge from our own bodies as we sink into the discoveries and descriptions of Mudras.

Mudras are gestures, or symbolic physical connections to the energetic states of consciousness.

Join Sydney Armin as she explains and answers any questions regarding Mudras, binds and meditative expansion.

Sydney retained and studied Mudras and other philosophies from her guru in Rishikesh, India and is looking forward to sharing the knowledge and insights with the beautifully mindful people of Pensacola!

2017-04-29 16:00:00 – 2017-04-29 17:30:00

Restorative Yoga Training with Kathea Bryan

Restorative Yoga Training

Join Kathea and David Bryan in a Restorative Yoga training, you will receive a copy of their restorative booklet containing 42 postures. We will practice coming into the postures and propping for the postures in addition to getting plenty of practice in. This training is for yoga teachers looking to add Restorative into their offerings as well as anyone that would like to develop a Restorative practice. The cost is $100 with a $20 discount if signed up and paid by April 17th. Questions can be directed to Kathea Bryan at or David Bryan at

2017-04-30 08:30:00 – 2017-04-30 17:00:00

Yoga & Foam Rolling with Amber Eisensee

Yoga & Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling or Self-Myofascial release is a self-massage technique that benefits the soft-tissue for improvements in muscular flexibility and reduction in stiffness and pain.
In this workshop, we will link together yoga and foam rolling in a seamless union. We will learn about the Fascia and some basic anatomy while we foam roll and move through yoga asanas.
This workshop is for anyone, anyone who is looking to relieve tight sore, achy muscles. If you are a yoga student who wants to foam roll before or after class, this workshop is for you. If you have a foam roller at home and want to learn how to do it on your own, this workshop is for you. If you want to simply being lead through foam rolling and yoga, this workshop is for you.

Investment is $15.00


2017-04-30 16:45:00 – 2017-04-30 18:30:00