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Goddess Flow Dance, Beach Yoga, Aerial Silks, and MORE!   Practice of the Week: Showing up for your practice in studio is amazing, AND there is something extra magical about showing up for your practice outside of the studio. The URU team desires to support you in deepening your personal practice and to empower you to take learning and practicing into your own hands. This week we invite you to explore an asana (physical posture). Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (Dolphin pose) ✨ Dolphin Pose: Ardha Pincha Mayurasana ✨This pose is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility while preparing your body for inversions. So let’s explore the magic of Dolphin Pose! Getting into the Pose: Begin on all fours, aligning your shoulders directly over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Lower your forearms to the mat, keeping them parallel to each other. Elbows directly under your shoulders… they sometimes like to try to come wider. Tuck your toes and lift your hips, straightening your legs to create an inverted “V” shape. Press firmly through your forearms and palms, allowing your head to hang between your upper arms. Try tip-toeing your feet closer towards your upper-body to open your chest more. Benefits of Dolphin Pose: ???? Strengthens: Dolphin Pose engages and tones your core, shoulders, and arms, building upper body strength. ???? Lengthens: The pose stretches your hamstrings and calves, providing relief to tight muscles. ???? Improves Digestion: By encouraging blood flow to your abdomen, Dolphin Pose aids digestion and helps alleviate digestive issues. ???? Calms the Mind: This pose promotes deep breathing and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. Preparing for Inversions: Dolphin Pose is an excellent preparatory pose for inversions such as Headstand or Forearm Stand. It helps build the necessary shoulder and core strength while familiarizing you with the upside-down sensation. Regular practice of Dolphin Pose can help you develop the stability and confidence needed for more advanced inversions. Common Challenges: As with any yoga pose, Dolphin Pose has its challenges. Here are a few common ones you might encounter: ???? Tight shoulders or hamstrings: If you experience tightness, consider bending your knees slightly or using props such as blocks to support your forearms. ???? Strained neck or wrists: Ensure that your head hangs naturally between your arms, without putting excess pressure on your neck. If your wrists feel uncomfortable, try practicing with a folded mat or blanket under your forearms. Approaching the Pose with Playful Dolphin Energy: Dolphins are known for their playful, joyful nature, and you can channel that energy while practicing Dolphin Pose. Embrace the lightness and curiosity of a dolphin as you explore this pose. Find joy in the journey of building strength and flexibility, and remember to approach your practice with a sense of playfulness and self-compassion. So, dear yogis, dive into the Dolphin Pose, enjoy the benefits it offers, and let it prepare you for the beautiful world of inversions. Stay tuned for more yoga inspiration, tips, and updates in our next newsletter. Until then, keep flowing and radiating your inner light! Happy practicing! JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Aerial Silks Basics & Conditioning w/ Nikki Johnson Fri 5/26/2023 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm $15 investment (plus silk rental fee) Location: URU Yoga – Airport Please text Nikki J 850-463-2758 with questions. This is an Adults and ages 12 and up class. You must rent or own an URU approved silk. (Keep reading for more details.) This class will explore building the muscles that will help strengthen an aerial practice and explore flexibility, as well as learning foundational basic aerial silk poses. By utilizing the aerial silks we can add dynamic movement to familiar poses and stretches often explored on the mat. We will also look at tricks such as flips. All levels welcome and suitable for beginners. Bring water and be ready to work. You will need to rent a silk or buy an URU safety approved silk. 1 time Aerial Silk rental: $5 5 time Aerial Silk rental: $25. $130 to buy your own silk, rings and carabiners. We can order a color of your choice. If you want to attend, have your silk rental purchased or your own silk that is URU safety approved. For safety, all silks must have 3 knots on both sides. Check them each time. Rental silks may have carabiners that have to be spun into place after they are set up. If you do not show up to a class that you are signed up for, you will be charged for the class. You can cancel before the 2 hour window leading up to class and you will have a credit for a class within the week. If you late cancel after the 2 hour window you will be charged for the class or have 2 days removed from your unlimited yoga pass. Please text Nikki J 850-463-2758 with questions. *Adults and ages 12 and up ONLY For anyone under 12, please text Rebecca to ask about kid’s classes 8503775334. Register on MindBody. Beach Yoga w/ Swan Michelle Sat 5/27/2023 9:30 am – 10:30 am $20 investment Location: Baby Beach Pensacola Beach 920 Rio VIsta Drive 32561 on the corner of Avenida 18, Sound Side (not Gulf Side) Spring- Fall Season! Come locals and visitors alike, all levels,…Radiantly begin your weekend with the perspective of enthusiasm, vibrance and glowing health, practicing slow flow based yoga on the beach with Swan Michelle. Enjoy: Cleansing breath work Mindful philosophy Accessible levels of support, strength, flexibility and fun Lying down meditations BRING: Yoga Mat Bolsters (if you have them) Blanket or head (if you have this) Some bolsters and blankets will be provided Drinking water There is a porta-potty and side street parking. Kids can play off in the distance if you are personally responsible for them! Weather and Refund NOTE: Registration for events, especially outdoor events, is non-refundable. If weather does not permit, we will inform you 2 hours before this event and it will be postposed. We will advise you to a future date that you can attend. Register on MindBody. Usui Reiki Level II w/ Tonya Morris Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Sat 5/27/2023 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm $175 investment Reiki Level II teaches you the foundations for sharing Reiki with others. In this class, you will be attuned to and learn how to use the 3 symbols for healing, the different methods of transferring Reiki energy and the importance of energetic hygiene when working with others. Completion of Level 1 required. Join us at URU Yoga and Beyond on 9 Mile Road on Saturday, May 27th, from 1-5 pm. Your investment of $175.00 will include your attunement and manual. If you wish to receive your certificate of completion the day of class, please reserve your space at www.uruyoga.com under Workshops/Events Register on MindBody Goddess Flow Chakra Dance w/ BOD GYAL MAGIC Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sat 5/27/2023 6 pm – 7 pm $25 investment Learn how to get into YOUR Goddess Flow! We ignite the chakras through movement as we dance in a journey from root to crown. We set our intentions, we dance into our intentions, rooting and grounding them (root), making them flow (sacral), giving them fire (solar plexus), giving them flight (heart), giving them a voice (throat), giving them vision (3rd eye), and then opening to receive (crown)! As we receive, we are letting go…breathing in peace, love, beauty, health, wellness, clarity, whatever our intentions are and exhaling all the baggage, the stress, the tension, the set backs, the disappointments and everything keeping us stuck in our mind so we can FLOW! Goddess Flow is all about igniting the powerful Goddess within you to be as beautifully vibrant, sexy, confident, free and full of ULTIMATE DIVINE FEMININE POWER! Come get into YOUR Goddess Flow as we dance to indigenous sounds, sacred vibes, and high frequencies to engage the chakras and open us to fluid movement inside and out! More than dance, this is a REVOLUTION, of mind, body, and soul transformation, bringing you peace, comfort, confidence, and strength to be the gorgeous Goddess you already are! Everything you need is already in you Goddess! Let’s bring it out through sacred chakra dance! Energy Exchange of $25 Bring any crystals you like for manifesting your intentions when you dance and for clearing and releasing as you dance. Register on MindBody Sweet Moon Lodge w/ Marni Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sun 5/28/2023 7 pm – 8:30 pm $22.22 investment Join us for our monthly gathering for women, Sweet Moon Lodge, where we collectively learn to do our work and support one another in the practice. This is a space for wellness and healing and emotional exercise and judgement free. Bring your mat and anything you want to help you feel comfortable on the floor. Bring your favorite mug for hot tea or anything special Marni might offer that evening. Bring a journal, pen, favorite crystals, and cards are also welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. Register on MindBody Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Location: URU Yoga – Airport Tues 5/30/2023 8:00 – 8:30 am $10 Investment Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Also, there is a separate Breath work class from 7 – 8 that is a great way to prepare for the ice bath. Register on Mindbody. URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 3 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 955 E. Nine Mile Road, Ste. 102 Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be. 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