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Feminine Radiance Workshop, Ice baths, Kids Aerial, & MORE!   Back to Basics with Jackie Morrow! ????✨ New Year Blessings! ????‍♂️✨ This month we are returning Back to the Basics and highlighting some amazing teachers that offer this valuable style of yoga. This week we highlight Jackie Morrow! Jackie Morrow @ URU Yoga and Beyond Classes offered are Monday’s and Wednesday’s @ 4:30, Friday’s @ 9:30 – all at the 9-mile location (also available for private sessions). Upon arrival Jackie has every student’s space set up with all the props we will be using, temperature in the room is around 68. Her classes are slow and holding poses for several breath’s. She LOVES the usage of blocks, blankets and especially straps and sandbags. Jackie is very, VERY wordie in conveying what she is experiencing and the mood of each student – in mind and body. Her classes are great for beginners and well-seasoned Yogis, to get back to alignment and defining. Jackie is real – on and off the mat!!! I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU!!!!!!!! I AM SOMETHING LIKE YOU!!!!! I AM NOTHING BUT YOU!!!!! She has been practicing Yoga since 1999 and went full time in 2014, (shortly after retiring from a corporate job in customer service). After completing her 200 hour teacher training in 2017 Jackie has been compelled to share her compassion with the art of YOGA. During her journey she has taught classes and privates in, Texas, Arkansas, and now Pensacola. She LOVES and is personal with every studio she has taught in. She completed her 300+ hour training, mentoring teacher trainees, restorative training, chair Yoga training and transcendental meditation. Jackie continues to fuel her passion for YOGA by attending retreats and workshops, all in an effort, to reset and dive deeper into her Yoga studies. Her objective is to give her students more! Every class has similar poses, yet achieving an individual uniqueness. Jackies teachers taught her to, “pass on what you have learned” and this is a focus in her classes. She guides her students to listen to their body, go deep, correct THEIR body alignment, scan their body in each pose, massages, hands on assists and always with a touch humor. To help find a way, in their mind, to let all the sh** go from outside of the room and be in the moment. Her goal in every class is to give back and to serve her students. Every class, at different moments, Jackie is brought to tears from the LOVE and bond formed, received, and given with her students. “KNOW YOU ARE LOVED”” Register on MindBody JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Mystic Moon Circle w/ Emily McClain Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Fri Jan 26th 6:30 – 8:30 PM $25 Investment In honor of the monthly moon cycle, we will gather together for a mystic moon circle during both the new moon and full moon phases, as humans have been doing throughout the eons. We will discuss and explore the signs of the Zodiac through which the moon is transiting, the current astrological weather, and the available energy with which to work and interweave by way of ceremony and ritual. Upon arrival, you will find a warm, comfy seat in our beautiful circle of blankets and pillows. In the center of our circle, you will find the *divination station* complete with tarot cards, oracle cards, and sacred shards. We will then begin our ceremony with a heart-centering guided mediation and cast our *thread of light* circle by candlelight. We then honor the elements through the ancient, beloved practice of calling the quarters and perform an intention setting ceremony over a warm beverage. At this time, we take flight to the stars, receiving energetic guidance based upon the current astrology, growing our knowledge of both self and cosmos, and how all is intertwined. We complete activating the moon energy through a beautiful moon ritual. These gatherings are warm, welcoming, therapeutic and full of love. We all have a desire for community knitted deeply into the fabric of our souls. We would love to have you be a part of ours All beings welcome ages 17 and up and you do not need to know anything about astrology to attend. Simply come with an open mind and a thinking cap Items to Bring: *MUG*JOURNAL*PEN*XTRAPILLOW*ENERGY TOOLS(decks, crystals, amulets, etc.) *YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF Energy Exchange: $25 Sign up through Mindbody *or* Venmo @waterlilyrising under Emily Moreno with note: Moon Circle Tibetan Singing Bowls & Spiritual Yoga w/ Alexandra Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Sat Jan 27th 10:30 – 12 PM $20 Investment Welcome to Ali Amaya’s transformative spiritual yoga and Tibetan singing bowl workshop, where the power of movement, sound, and mindfulness converge to enhance the muscle-mind connection, fostering deep relaxation and inner peace. In this sacred space, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being. Through a carefully curated blend of yoga postures, breathwork, and the enchanting resonance of Tibetan singing bowls, Ali Amaya will guide you towards a profound sense of unity within yourself. During the workshop, you will be gently guided through a series of yoga postures designed to awaken and strengthen the body, while cultivating a heightened awareness of the mind-body connection. With each deliberate movement, you will explore the intricate relationship between your muscles and thoughts, fostering a deeper understanding of your body’s innate wisdom. As the yoga practice unfolds, the soothing melodies of singing bowls will fill the air, creating a symphony of healing vibrations. These ancient instruments, crafted with intention and precision, emit resonant frequencies that penetrate deep into your being, dissolving tension and inviting a state of deep relaxation. The harmonious sounds of the singing bowls work in harmony with your body’s energy centers, promoting balance and restoring harmony within. Guided by Ali Amaya an experienced yoga teacher, you will be encouraged to synchronize your breath with the resonating vibrations, allowing for a profound integration of movement, sound, and breath. This fusion will deepen your practice, enabling you to access a state of profound relaxation and inner peace. Throughout the workshop, you will be invited to cultivate a heightened sense of self-awareness, tuning into the subtle nuances of your body and mind. This process will empower you to carry the transformative experience beyond the workshop, integrating it into your daily life. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this spiritual yoga and singing bowl workshop welcomes all seekers of inner harmony and well-being. Join us as we embark on this sacred journey, where the muscle-mind connection is nurtured, relaxation is deepened, and peace is cultivated. Step into a space of profound transformation, and emerge with a renewed sense of balance, clarity, and serenity. #SpiritualYoga #SingingBowlWorkshop #MuscleMindConnection #RelaxationAndPeace Register on Mindbody. Feminine Radiance Workshop w/ The Sisters That Stray Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sat Jan 27th 3 – 6 PM $50 Investment This is for the woman who is ready to step into 2024 and start living the life she’s always wanted, but self-doubt or “the right timing” has held her back. The 3-hour experience will include cacao, feminine embodiment, breathwork, meditation, journaling and connection. This workshop is for you if you desire to: Stop people-pleasing and uphold empowered boundaries Feel confident being your authentic self Become magnetic to the love you desire and deserve If you feel that you have a lot of the “self-healing” concepts in your mind, but when it comes to actually living them out and changing deeply ingrained patterns, it feels like there is a disconnection – this workshop is that missing piece. You’ll leave overwhelm and anxiety behind, and cultivate a feeling of safety, confidence, and radiance in your body! Register on Eventbrite! or Register on Mindbody. Kids Aerial Silks w/ Malia Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sun Jan 28th 3:30 – 4:30 pm First Time $25 5 Class Pass $100 Register on Mindbody. Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Location: URU Yoga – Airport Every Tuesday & Thursday Pranayama 7:00-8:00 am (Regular Class Rates & Passes Apply) Ice Bath: 8:00 – 8:30 am $15 Investment Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Register on Mindbody. URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 3 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 2475 E. 9 Mile Road, Ste G Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be. CONTACT US URU Yoga | 2400 Executive Plaza Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503 Unsubscribe wps3cr3tn3wz@uruyoga.com Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by loveallbeckie@hotmail.com powered by Try email marketing for free today!