URU means Spacious, Broad and Abundant in Sanskrit.
May we move from a place of spaciousness.

URU means You are You because that is who you are meant to be.
May we be who we are meant to be.

**We are OPEN for in-studio classes!**

We are so excited to practice yoga with you.

Please remember to sign in online through the mindbody app URU Yoga or Mindbodyonline.com URU Yoga.

We have 3 beautiful locations…

Call Us: 8503775334
2400 Executive Plaza Drive (Pensacola Airport)
2475 E 9 Mile Rd, Suite G, Pensacola, FL 32514
Gulf Breeze:
913 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Ste. 26
(Harbourtown Shopping Center)

We have so many wonderful offerings to share with you:

  • Wide range of YOGA classes for all ages and comfort levels
  • 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training that will allow you to go deeper into your practice, study yourself, and delve into teaching yoga.
Our foundation is LOVE, AbunDance, Growth, Creativity and Wholeness for our CommUnity and Beyond.

We are family owned businesses and love sharing yoga with you.

Please explore our overview of classes, or click on one of the schedule links above to see what works for you today. Register with us and you can sign up for classes right from our schedule pages.

If you waitlist, please continue to check the schedule to see if you are able to attend. If you cannot attend and are on the waitlist, please remove your reservation to make space for another person to waitlist. You are expected to watch the waitlist to see if you are added to the class. You will be charged for the class if you are added to the class and do not attend.

Cancellation policy:
You may cancel up to 2 hours before class starts. If you do not cancel & cannot attend after the 2 hour window, you will be charged for the class. For unlimited pass holders, you will have 2 days taken off your pass if you do not show up to class. This is so that students do not lose the opportunity to practice because the class showed full.