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Miriam Benitez was born in New Orleans, raised in Pensacola, and has lived in Chicago and Maui. She is a University of West Florida Alumni and currently lives in Pensacola with her husband and two children. Miriam began her Yoga practice in college. As she got older she realized it was harder to stay in shape so she adapted her approach and began building muscle, using advanced calisthenics. Calisthenics are from the Greek words Kallos (beauty) and Stenos (strength). Miriam’s fitness philosophy is that our bodies are the best piece of fitness equipment available and exercise should add to our lives and not consume it. Miriam also practices gymnastics, HIIT, paddle board Yoga, T’ai’chi, and Yoga. Miriam is studying Yoga through the World Conscious Yoga Family teacher training at Breathe Studio with Divya Elting. Miriam can also be found teaching yoga at the downtown YMCA.


Sweat glistening, long muscles lengthening, stretching deeply, your breathing becomes heady and heavy. The air is hot and each physical movement begins to feels more like honey than the last.   Yes hot yoga is hot.   But it’s not just about the sweating that makes it that way.  It is the whole entire experience. Hot yoga is a sensual experience.

Now that I am teaching hot yoga classes at URU in Pensacola,….I am not just sweating more than my usual cool classes.   I am finding the hot classes are so different than the regular classes that I teach in a controlled cool environment.  Not better…different.  A lot of people feel skeptical about the need to raise the temp to 100 degrees.   Perhaps they see flash and not substance.  But Hot Yoga is not a fad: air conditioning is.  Think about where Yoga originated from, India. India is pretty hot,  and  perhaps the heat was part of what made yoga become Yoga.  Hot Yoga has been around as long as Yoga has. Continue reading