Infrared Heating System

At URU Yoga, we offer the best heating system on the market. Infrared heating is actually good for you!

Infrared heat is the transference of heat from a warm object to a cool object. Infrared heat is like being warmed by the sun. It is efficient, environmentally safe and clean.

The heaters warm surfaces rather than blowing hot into the room which also blows dust and allergens. Infrared heaters do not blow dust and allergens or chemicals and pollutants into the air so that you are not ingesting toxins into your body. The body is made up primarily of water, so as the body heats, blood circulation gently increases, toxins are released and the heat can offer pain relief.

Come try a hot or a warm class at any of the URU locations to experience this amazing heat.

For more information on these amazing heaters, check out their web site at

I was excited to take the first hot class with these special heaters that warm the surface of objects rather than blowing heat directly on you.  When the class begins you can feel that the floors are warm, your body is warm and once you start the practice the warmth goes deeply into muscles reducing any stress and sweating away any kinks and soreness.  Be prepared to sweat more than you thought possible!  ~Carlene

I am somewhat addicted to the feeling of hot yoga and if my schedule allowed I would do it every day! It has a healing property for me that room temperature yoga does not always provide. It allows my muscles to get a deeper stretch without pain or injury which in turn gives my body overall flexibility, tone and pain relief . I have arthritis in my sacroiliac joints and spine called ankylosing spondylitis that has caused pain and stiffness since I was 14. The deep work that I am able to achieve with hot yoga is one of the few exercises that keeps my hips and spine flexible , strong and with better range of motion without pain. In fact, I can start class with imbalance and pain in my hips or spine and by the end of class I am better physically and mentally!