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What is life coaching?
Life coaching is a partnership between coach and client forged in the belief that every individual can maximize potential, achieve success on the client’s own terms, and achieve a state of well-being that brings peace, joy, and comfort in a sometimes, chaotic world.

How does life coaching work?
Life coaching engagements generally start with an initial, exploratory session where the coach helps the client to clarify where they are in their lives, in nine general areas, as well as clarify their goals and current sense of well-being. Then the coach and client work together to identify what success looks like, what the client’s strengths and challenges are, and what a successful outcome will be upon completion. A typical life coaching engagement is between 4 – 6 sessions, depending on how big the goal is and what it will take to achieve it.

How much does it cost?
Prices are discussed individually and are priced according to individualized needs. Packages, with discounts, are also offered for those willing to pay up front.

Does life coaching require a certification?
URU is deeply committed to the life coach certification process. While it is not a license-protected designation, we follow strict rules of confidentiality, best practices, and adhere to ethics and professional boundaries equal to other license-protected designations. Our team of life coaches all hold certifications from U-Coach Academy, a local life coaching school led by Wanda Taylor, ICF Master Certified Coach. As an ICF MCC and Founder of U-Coach Academy, Wanda has worked in the life coaching field for over 15 years in private practice at Bay Centre, Inc. U-Coach Academy is founded upon the International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching core competencies. The program includes intensive practices, demonstrated knowledge of the core competencies, and proficiency certification demonstrated with actual clients.

Life Coaching and Yoga Practice
Yoga students are generally seeking to live a life of purpose and spiritual meaning. Often, that path leads to self-awareness and self-exploration. Partnering with a life coach on that journey can often maximize that process..

What are some areas of life coaching to consider?
Transition coaching – are you going through a change and need someone to help you plan and create that transition and then stay with you as you manage the change?

Parenting and relationship – do you sometimes feel like you just need someone to help you sort through some things about your kids, family, and partner?

Goal setting – do you have something specific that you’ve wanted to do for a long time and just don’t seem to get there?

Spiritual fulfillment – do you feel like you’re missing a deeper connection to yourself or to your life? Would you like to know your life’s purpose?

Career choices – are you feeling stuck on the productivity wheel or are you feeling uninspired or have you given up on your dreams?

Deepening your yoga practice – would you like to increase your self- and body-awareness?

Balance and well-being – are you missing a sense of well-being and joy or maybe wanting to increase it?

Healthy living – do you want to feel more vital and energetic in your life?

Other areas – life coaches work with clients in whatever areas that they want to clarify, accomplish, or design.

Is Life Coaching similar to counseling?
Certified life coaching adheres to strict professional standards of practice and professional boundaries. We are not professional counselors and will not work with a client whose issues exceed our scope of practice. While our clients are exploring their lives and current levels of satisfaction in each of their life areas, our focus is not on resolving the past or past situations. We look for patterns of behavior, current levels of life area satisfaction, help clients to design what success looks like to them, and then partner with them for accountability and sustainability. If a client is appropriate for counseling, we have a referral network and will help our clients to seek the professional help appropriate for their situation.

How can I see if life coaching is right for me?
You can sign up and pay for one exploratory session to see if coaching is meant for you.