Private Yoga & Wellness Sessions with Michelle Baker

Private, Semi- Private and Group Yoga Sessions with Swan Michelle @ URU Yoga Gulf Breeze.

Beginners Yoga: Perfect if you are new to the physical poses of yoga, refreshing your practice or have a specific condition or injury to work on.

Yoga Flow: Athletic and slightly more rigorous, get your workout on our ask to have some mindfulness practices added to your yoga practice with an experienced teacher.

Yoga Align: Have goals or want to get more specific in the skill, injury prevention and structure of your practice, in this class learn to move in the most optimal way for your body.

Sound Bath Concert: experience something incredibly unique for you or a gift for loved ones; the healing properties of sound in the form of a lying down concert with large crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, instruments & voice inspired by India and Bali meant for soothing the nervous system.

Ayurveda Wellness Consultation: Learn and ask advise about your diet, daily habits and sleep patterns for the health of your personal constitution

Reiki Energy Work: Harmonize any injury, compromised health issue, emotion or sleep pattern with with more energy and the mindfulness benefits of focused universal life force. This practice is not contact and deeply meditative. Yoga Nidra- done lying down and with great focus, this form of Theta wave activation was originally brought to the west for those with PTSD to release the nervous system . It is a form of conscious stillness and awareness can energize bound energy, injury, and anything compromised within for optimal health in mind, body and emotion.

Paddle Boarding & Yoga: a paddle board will be provided and delivered to an optimal beach or bay location on the island. You will learn the basics of paddle boarding, or we will go on a long paddle for exercise if you familiar with SUP. After, we will doc the boards on the beach and do a full yoga practice on the board.

Mindful Weddings: get a group package with many of the above choices, or add a wedding lead by legal officiants that practice yoga, meditate, commune with nature and live mindfully for a unique choice for your wedding service.


Single Privates : $108 for 1 hour, $130 for 1.5 hours.

Prices then vary according to group size and request.