URU Yoga Online

You can now practice yoga virtually with URU!

**Please check our schedule daily (it updates regularly) at www.uruyoga.com for a list of classes hosted on our URU Yoga Community Facebook page or via Zoom. We have LIVE classes and pre-recorded classes. Facebook Live classes will be saved on the URU Yoga Community Facebook Page and often are uploaded onto our Vimeo On Demand library of classes. Zoom classes are interactive and are a lot of fun too!

To get started with URU Yoga Online:

1. Download the MindBody app on your phone

2. Search for and select URU Yoga in the app

3. Purchase a pass in the app (pricing here: https://www.uruyoga.com/pricing/)

4. For Facebook LIVE Classes: Contact URU Yoga Facebook Page to be added to the URU Yoga Community Page which contains Facebook LIVE classes plus so many pre-recorded classes. We will friend you on facebook and then invite you to the page. Once you accept the invite, attend Live and pre-recorded classes. Comment below each class that you attend, each time you attend. This is how the teacher gets paid.

5. For Zoom LIVE classes, sign up for the class and you will be emailed a code to attend.

6. Message us for On Demand Vimeo login.

5. Enjoy some yoga!!! 🧘‍♀️♥️🧘‍♂️ 

6. Please comment on each video so that we’ll know you attended and can apply the pass & pay the teachers 💖Let us know if you have a pass and need help getting linked up. ❤️🌷