URU Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

The URU Yoga & Beyond 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training is a peak pose vinyasa yoga teacher training with a strong emphasis on finding your unique authentic voice in life and in teaching. We will delve into all aspects of yoga including philosophy, mantra, bhakti yoga, meditation, asana, karma yoga, anatomy and physiology and most certainly yoga as a lifestyle. We will cultivate a community that studies, practices, laughs, learns, grows, opens and connects.

All trainees will have the opportunity to become proficient at teaching a yoga class that includes mantra, pranayama, a theme, vinyasa flow that leads to a peak pose, meditation and a closing mantra.

Teacher trainees will have many opportunities to teach and be mentored in  the training.

The URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training is lead by Rebecca Sathre with guest teachers from URU and around the country. The training will be very broad and vast with a concentrated focus on authenticity in teaching and in life.

The strength of the URU teacher training is that you will receive an abundance of hands-on teaching experience through mentorship. You will definitely be able to teach yoga when you graduate. Our training takes you through personal growth as well as growth in new and old relationships. This training will give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  You will have the opportunity to find your voice as a Yoga teacher as well as a human being.  This training will help you to see where you are naturally drawn as a yoga teacher.  This training will encourage you to find your authenticity as a teacher as well as a human being. You will be encouraged to engage fully into your teaching and life.

The time commitments are one to two training weekends a month for 8-9 months, 2 URU yoga classes a week, 1 practicum taught yoga classes, a team taught graduation class, bi-weekly yoga Om Study/home study, and a final exam.

This TRAINING starts when you are ready. Start any month you are ready.. 

To start the process, fill out your application ASAP…

We look forward to having you in the training. 

Financial Commitment:

$2700 if paid in full

$3000 if paid in payments throughout the training.

Required books:
Yoga Sutra (translation of choice)
Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell translation)
2100 Asanas by Daniel Lacerda
Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche
Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
Light on Life by BKS Iyengar

Functional Anatomy of Yoga 

First steps:

Fill out the 200 Hour URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training application  below and attend as much yoga as possible.

Feel free to contact Rebecca Sathre at 850-377-5334 to make a zoom appointment, phone call appointment or a LIVE in Studio appointment. It is highly recommended to attend one of Rebecca’s classes in Studio. She is the lead trainer. This will give you an opportunity to get to know her teaching better.

The yogic path is an invitation for you to live your truest, most authentic self.

Additional costs required are the purchase of an URU class pass, which will be sold at a discount to teacher trainees, plus the purchase of required books.

Apply Here…

We love sharing the love of yoga and the love of teaching yoga with you.

“Yoga has literally saved my life and it is from this place that I share the teachings with you. Please join me on this path if you have a calling to go deeper with yoga and share the path of yoga with others.”

-Rebecca Sathre

To read a URU yoga 200 hour teacher training testimonial read below and check out the URU Blog!

“I feel extremely blessed that I found and completed the teacher training at URU Yoga & Beyond. The co-owner and lead trainer, Rebecca Sathre, is loving, passionate, insightful, knowledgeable, and an incredible mentor. We were exposed to various styles of yoga and techniques by the numerous workshops and events that were offered during the training. In addition, participating in a weekly mentor class was very beneficial in developing and refining our yoga practice. The teacher training process was fun, challenging but rewarding, and an awesome way to connect and bond with others in the yoga community. Thank you to URU Yoga & Beyond for this amazing experience and training!”  URU Yoga & Beyond  2018/2019 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“URU is family. They have taught me Yoga within and physical Yoga. Safety and honoring your body is continuously being communicated at URU. My practice grew and my knowledge of Yoga grew. They are very thorough in teaching and connecting. Love you URU ?.”                                                           -URU Yoga & Beyond 2017/2018 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Going through the training at URU was a personal journey a social journey and an educational journey. It is a well rounded training and comprehensive in scope. Great 200+ hours I have spent in a long time! I came out feeling well prepared to teach and well supported.”                                                                     -URU Yoga & Beyond 2017/2018 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Wonderful Yoga Teacher Training! A life changing experience!”                         -URU Yoga & Beyond 2017/2018 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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