January 2014 Newsletter

Thank you for an amazing 3 1/2 months in 2013.  Thank you for your support, your presence, your sharing and your being.  We started URU this year by the hands of grace.  With the help of friends we created a wonderful space and with all of your help it is now a space with amazing life and spirit.  Thank you for making URU what it is.  You are URU.  URU is for you. We are very excited to spend the New Year with you. 
See you at URU for yoga practice (every day), a surprise yoga plus acro jam 6:00pm + potluck 7:30 for Chris’s birthday (January 6th), dance sessions, meditation sessions, music, Chakra Sadhana (January 5th 1:00), Kirtan (February 2nd),  art shows (January 25), an aerial session (Thursdays at 10:30),  Props workshop (January 18th), Yoga Discussion Group (January 12th 1-3), birthday parties or whatever magic may happen.  Please check the schedule for new classes and events.  Thank you…

Chakra Sadhana for the New Year!!

Sunday, January 5th, 1:00-3:00pm, $20


Come spend time with Susandhya upon her return from India and a 500 hour teacher training with The World Conscious Yoga Family.Start 2014 right by activating your main energy centers with Classical Kundalini Yoga. Classical Kundalini is a Hatha yoga practice that integrates postures, oscillating movements of the spine, pranayama and mantra along with visualizations and meditations on the chakras. The goal of this combination of techniques is to raise the Shakti energy or our creative force from the Muladhara, or root chakra up the subtle channel of the spine (Sushumna) to the Sahasrara, or crown chakra, where the Shiva energy (the grounding energy of well being) resides. As the Kundalini energy rises it clears the subtle energy chanels (nadis) and their junction points (chakras) promoting clarity, vitality and peace. The rise of the Kundalini Shakti is not a physical occurrence, but rather a subtle energy shift that facilitates the development and expansion of our consciousness and we become more aware of our innate inner wisdom. Join Susandhya for a 2hr dynamic class and be open to witnessing your subtle body as you step with full presence into 2014!Classical Kundalini classes focus less on alignment therefore it is aimed at students who have had some experience with yoga and how to perform the postures safely and/or have a willingness to listen to their body.

Allow Yourself to Be Supported Props Workshop.
Saturday, January 18th, 12:00-4:00pm, $35 by January 17th, $40 at the door


Come Spend the day with Tammy Virchow Urbansky and Rebecca Sathre. We will learn about the use of props in all types of poses. We will use the wall, chairs, bolsters, blankets, blocks and more.We will explore a variety of ways in which props can be used. Props can be used to support us. Props can be used to facilitate opening in the body. Props can be used to lengthen strengthen and help us go upside down. There will be poses and uses for all levels.This workshop is great for teachers who want to enhance their teaching. This class is great for students who want to deepen their knowledge of the practice. This is also a wonderful class to enjoy each other’s company for the day.

Please bring a snack if you think you may need it. It is a long day adventure.

We look forward to playing and learning with you..

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Shantala: The music of Benjy and Heather Wertheimer.
Sunday, Febuary 2nd, 6:00-8:00pm, $20 Online, $25 At the Door


Benjy and Heather Wertheimer lead kirtan (sacred chanting) worldwide as the duo Shantala, with soul-stirring vocals, sacred lyrics and exotic instrumentation. The weaving of Benjy’s Indian classical singing and instrumentation with Heather’s soaring vocals is freshly original and profoundly moving. Together they create music with beauty, passion, and reverence. Shantala has performed and recorded internationally with such sacred music luminaries as Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, and Jai Uttal. In summer 2008, they were named as one of the top “Wallahs to Watch” by Yoga + Joyful Living. Kirtan is a celebration of spirit through the chanting of sacred names, carrying the audience into a state of heightened awareness, bliss, and devotion. The audience is invited to participate fully through call-and-response chanting, dance, and meditation.Featuring Sean Frenette on bass, vocals and three string guitar.Heather Wertheimer is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who combines her special love of both music and yoga to lead devotional chanting for yoga workshops and spiritual gatherings internationally. Heather has toured in the U.S. and abroad with her husband Benjy, Steve Gorn, Manose, and Deva Premal & Miten. Heather’s debut CD with Shantala, “Church of Sky,” was named by New Age Retailer as one of the top ten albums of 2004. It has been aired on radio stations nationwide. In April 2003, she and Benjy released “The Love Window,” a beautiful and well-loved collection of sacred chants. In 2007, they released “Sri,” their second popular kirtan CD, and their first live CD “LIVE in love” was released in 2008.

Benjy Wertheimer is an award-winning songwriter, vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist (playing tabla, congas, percussion, esraj, guitar, and keyboards). Benjy has toured and recorded with such artists as Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Jai Uttal, Walter Becker (Steely Dan), and virtuoso guitarist Michael Mandrell. He has opened for such artists as Carlos Santana, Paul Winter, and Narada Michael Walden. A founding member of the internationally acclaimed Ancient Future world fusion music ensemble, Benjy also toured the U.S., Canada, and Japan with renowned bamboo flute master G.S. Sachdev. He studied Indian classical music for over 25 years with some of the greatest masters of that tradition (including Alla Rakha, Zakir Hussain, Ali Akbar Khan and Z. M. Dagar). Benjy’s CDs receive extensive airplay around the world, and his CD “Circle of Fire” went to #1 on the New Age radio charts in November 2002.

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Darkness and Light in Yoga
Sunday, January 12th, 1:00-3:00pm, Free


We will be discussing the place that both “dark” and “light” emotions and feelings have in yoga.


The Man Show 2014
Saturday, January 25th 7:00-10:00 PM, $10, $5 with student ID


10 of the regions most talented male artists will be showing their work in celebration of men in art in our community! Visual art, music and performance art will be sure to dazzle your eyes and ears.More info

90 day unlimited pass $150 (Buy 1 for yourself and/or someone you love starting January 1st and ending January 31st)


Because we love you and hope you will carry your yoga practice through the years.