Pranayama Workshop November 2014

Pranayama Workshop
with Susandhya Andrea

DATE: Sunday,November 9
TIME: 9am-12pm
LOCATION: URU Yoga & Beyond
2400 Executive Plaza Drive

Breath is life.

Throughout the day we take more than 20,000 breaths often without giving it much consideration. Ancient Yogis discovered that through conscious connection with the breath they could not only improve their practice but their overall well-being. Their wisdom and experimentation gave birth to the Indian science of Pranayama, which includes a wealth of techniques dedicated to offer practitioners physical, physiological, psycho-emotional and spiritual benefits. 

Join Susandhya for an in-depth exploration of the breath as a vehicle for transformation and take home the insight and tools to establish a regular Pranayama practice. 

All levels welcome!

URU Yoga & Beyond
2400 Executive Plaza Drive
Pensacola, Florida 32503