URU Newsletter 21 Aug, 2014

Upcoming Events
August 28th, 2014
We are blessed to have spent almost a year with you.  September 16th is our 1 year anniversary.  Thank you for spending time with us.  We value your presence.
Please join us for some very special events this fall.
All of these yoga practices lead to the real yoga.
The real yoga is in how we treat ourselves and other beings.
The real yoga is how we speak to each other.
The real yoga is what we say to ourselves inside our head.
The real yoga is how we speak about others.
The real yoga is forgiveness.
The real yoga is being real.
The real yoga is kindness.
The real yoga is speaking the truth.
The real yoga is taking action for what is right.
The real yoga is how we live.
The real yoga is how we care for animals.
The real yoga is how we take care of the planet.
The real yoga is each and every moment of this lifetime.
The real yoga is what we think, say, do in every moment..  
We love you, The URU Crew

Team Taught Benefit “hot” Yoga Class for Ramana’s Garden
Sunday, September 7th, 9:00-10:30am

Team Taught Hot Yoga Class with URU Yoga Teachers David Donaldson, Miriam, Susandhya & more..

The Sat Nam Foundation is currently raising funds to build a new home for children at Ramana’s Garden in Rishikesh, India, an incredible sanctuary for orphans and destitute children.

Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Rishikesh
Benefit Yoga Class

Yoga to Transform Your Life.
Donate to Transform Theirs.

Help to build a dormitory to house, abuse, abandoned and orphaned children in Ramana’s Garden.

All Donations accepted..
$25 donations recieve a free CD that features music from Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Jai-Jagdeesh and many more!

Team Taught Benefit Yoga Class for Ramana’s Garden
Sunday, September 7th, 2:00-4:00pm

The Sat Nam Foundation is currently raising funds to build a new home for children at Ramana’s Garden in Rishikesh, India, an incredible sanctuary for orphans and destitute children.

URU Yoga Teachers TammySabrinaAuntie NickieHilary Turner and more will offer a team taught class Kundalini and yoga flow class. All donations with go to Ramana’s Garden.

All Donations Accepted.
$25 and up you will receive a free CD

Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Rishikesh
Benefit Yoga Class

Yoga to Transform Your Life.
Donate to Transform Theirs.

Help to build a dormitory to house, abuse, abandoned and orphaned children in Ramana’s Garden.

URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training 2014/2015
Begins Friday, September 12th, 5:30

Come join us for an amazing adventure.
We will deepen our practice of yoga.
We will teach, learn, teach and learn some more.
We will connect, grow, laugh, heal, practice and so much more…

This is a vinyasa yoga teacher training with a strong focus on alignment. We will delve into asana, alignment, sequencing, theming, philosophy, breathing, meditation, chanting, kirtan, chakras, anatomy and physiology and so much more…

Some parts of the training that trainees will experience:

We will practice in the beautiful URU Yoga & Beyond.
URU inspires peace, community and connection.

You will be encouraged to develop your own authentic teaching style based on your strengths, preferences, life experience and where you are drawn as a teacher. You will also be encouraged to stretch and grow other areas in your teaching to help you realize your full potential.

You will be encouraged to integrate your practice into every aspect of your life. Yoga is a way of life.

You will learn how to sequence a class through moving toward a peak pose. You will integrate modifications for mixed level classes. You will learn to teach to beginners and intermediate students.

This training will emphasize vinyasa flow and principles of alignment. We will integrate many styles of yoga.

You will experience anatomy and kinesiology lessons through asana practice and exploration. Our anatomy classes are fun and engaging.

You will become more connected to a beautiful community of people..

Rebecca Sathre, Tammy Virchow Urbansky, Auntie Nickie, Susandhya Andrea, Amber Eisensee, Chris Amador, David Bryan, Meghan Heffernan McMillan, Swan Michelle, and more will help guide you on this journey…

September 12th-14th
October 24th-26th
November 7th-9th
December 5th-7th
January 16th-18th
February 27th-29th
March 13th-15th
April 10th-12th
May 1st-3rd

$2400 if paid in full
$2700 if paid in 3 payments
(September, December, March)

Everybody has a Body (Yin Yoga and Anatomy of Different Body Types)
Sunday, September 14th, 9:00-11:00am

Workshop with David Bryan

We will be looking at how each individual body is different and how those differences effect how we are able to come into a posture. We will then explore our own bodies through a yin practice focusing on accepting what our bodies can and cannot do as well as how we can know the difference.


There’s no place like home: Cultivating a home practice with Nickie Medici
Sunday, September 14th, 1:00-3:00pm

You’ve started a yoga practice and you love it. You go to the studio a few times a week, but sometimes your yoga mat whispers to you while you’re at home. You hear, “Unroll me, just one down dog will unravel that tight back! How about a few sun salutations to start your day, wouldn’t that be lovely?”

You become giddy! You unroll the mat – yes, I’m going to practice yoga at home! You’ve turned a corner, the practice is in your bones, blood and now – your living room.

There you are, just you and your mat. Perhaps you’ve made yourself a special playlist. You stand at the front of your mat, hands in prayer at your heart. Inhaling deeply, gazing towards the heavens you – forget what to do next.

This workshop will guide both the new and experienced yoga student in taking their yoga practice home. Learn the art of yogic short hand so you can take notes after your yoga classes at the studio and take sequences home with you. Tune into what your body is trying to tell you, so while practicing at home you learn to “feel” what pose would serve you best.

Not to be left out, the workshop will include introducing a foundation for a home meditation practice. A home yoga practice allows the yogi to deeply embody the teachings and techniques they discover in a studio environment. At home, uncover questions to take with you into the studio and in the studio, discover endless and supportive practices to take home. It’s a beautiful cycle.


Mantra Beat Music Concert (Kirtan) with Rahasya
Saturday, September 20th, 7:00-9:00pm

Rahasya is the vision of lifelong musicians Surdas and Vajra Yogini. Built upon the foundation of live drum kit, harmonium, and soaring vocals, the music is woven with elements of electronic sounds, sampled instruments, and sonic textures. Rahasya plays festivals such as Bhakti Fest, Bonnaroo, Chantlanta, and Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, and many more. Their tour schedule has them traveling around the US and beyond multiple times per year, leading sacred music concerts, kirtans, live music yoga classes, chanting workshops, and yoga teacher trainings. They also lead international yoga retreats in Peru.

Rahasya music is rooted in ancient Indian kirtan and mantra, while pushing the future of chant music with live sequenced thumping bass lines, elements of electronica, hip-hop, afro-beat, gospel, and down tempo grooves. Mantras are interspersed with conscious raps and layered vocals that resonate with uplifting inspiration. Music, in its highest expression, has always served to unify communities and catalyze spiritual awakening. Rahasya is truly grateful to be a part of this living tradition.

$20 per person

Take the Load Off Your Shoulders with Rahasya Yogic Arts
Sunday, September 21st, 10:00am-12:30pm

Take The Load Off Your Shoulders

Most people have some strain or compression in the shoulder, especially on their dominant side. This is due either to trauma, or repetitive strain, and the strain is often linked to holding in the neck. This class details ways to release the upper arm and shoulder, while freeing up the connective tissues in and around the neck. We practice techniques to stabilize the bicep/tricep balance, unglue the rotator cuff muscles and free the shoulder joint. We will practice a variety of poses that prepare the shoulder joint
for weight bearing.


*** There will be a live music element during the workshop as well..

$30 Advance
$35 Workshop Day

Reiki II with Willow Conelly
Saturday September 27th, 12:30-6:30

The class includes:
In depth instruction on Chakra system
Learning to draw and use three practitioner symbols
Distance healing
Healing techniques
Level 2 Reiki attunement
Certification as level 2 Reiki practioner


Call Willow Conolly at 217-8966 to reserve a spot in class

Festival Yoga at The Greater Good Festival
October 11th-12th, 4:00pm

Come practice Festival Yoga with URU at the Greater Good Festival. Festival Yoga is a breeze. It is wonderful to practice yoga in the open air and give thanks for the air we breath, the earth we walk on, and the community we share. Yoga is included in the festival ticket..

We will also be at the Greater Good playing AcroYoga. Come join us..

Yoga: 4:00 Saturday and Sunday
Community Maritime Park

GET YOUR TICKETS for the Greater Good Festival at URU….

Doug Swenson Returns To URU
Friday, October 10th-12th

We are very excited about Doug Swenson returning to URU.

Please join us…

Friday 5:30-8:00
Vinyasa Flow 2 1/2 hours $45

Saturday 10:30-1:00

Mastering the secrets of yoga Flow
Plus Lecture on Kriyas $45

Sunday 10:30-1:00
Ashtanga primary series $45

$120 if paid in full


Prema Hara Kirtan Concert


Sunday, October 19th, 6:30-8:30

Pure Beauty and Bliss will be joining us at URU.. 
“Dive into Ocean of Grace and ride a tidal wave of devotion to the mystical land where Radha and Krishna cavorted. Prema Hara’s Kamaniya and Keshavacharya transport you there with their sublimely balanced vocals – his strong and deep, hers fluid and lilting. From the rousingly ecstatic Radha – Queen of Vrindavan to the urban-edged Bhakti Shakti Dub to the epic, profoundly moving title track featuring Jai Uttal and an all-star cast, Ocean of Grace will stir and serenade your soul into a state of divine bliss as deep and wide as the Pacific. Sure to be remembered as a breakthrough album for this duo.” ~ TheBhaktiBeat.com


Advanced Yoga Studies with Michelle Baker
Thursdays and Fridays, 5:15-9:15, November 6th-December 19th

Advanced Teacher Training & Immersion with Michelle Baker…… All Serious Yoga Practitioners Welcome…

“The patience required for training the mind is like that of emptying the sea with a tea cup.” Gandhi

Bhagavad Gita, Advanced Asana Practice, Adjusting, Staging & Eagle Eye, Advanced Art of Assists, Giving Good Dharma Talks, Sanskrit studies & practice, Meditations, Harmonium practice & Mantra…

Thursdays and Fridays

November 6th and 7th
November 20th,
December 4th and 5th
December 18th and 19th

$808 (If you need a payment plan to be completed by end of training, let us know)

****Early Bird Special*** (1 month in advance)