April Yoga Newsletter 2015

April 2015



 In yoga, we begin where we are.  We flow to a place of better ease and understanding. Maybe we are more open, spacious and loving. Maybe we see new opportunities and discover new aspects to our relationships.

We often get too comfortable and fear the unknown but all seasons come and go and circumstances change. We cannot stay in one place, we must move forward and let go of where we were so that we are open to what is ahead.



Each moment, each day, each month and season, we transition from where we were. We flow, we grow, and we expand. Over one year ago, URU first opened its doors to Pensacola and has settled in with effort and ease. Being spacious and open allowed us to see an opportunity and we are now opening URU2 serving yogis on 9 mile road! The yoga community is growing in Pensacola and what a blessing that is…more yogis with more space to practice.

Not only will URU2 provide more space to practice, it provides more space for teachers to share yoga. In May, 15 new yoga teachers will emerge from URU ready to begin teaching.  Over the last nine months, students transitioned to teacher trainees by being open and brave to the process of change and now they are ready to move to the seat of the teacher. Please come to their donation classes throughout April and support their growth.  Please come celebrate their graduation on May 2nd at URU.

How can we move forward letting go of the fear that holds us back? The teacher trainees were assigned homework that is for everyone. Look within and find the strengths that you see in yourself and that others see in you. Is this difficult to do? Maybe this difficulty is all the more reason to dig deep. Take this as an opportunity to transition your inner dialogue to one of compassion, acceptance, love and encouragement for yourself. You have such beauty and strength within. 


Begin where you are. Flow to a place of better understanding. Discover newness in each moment. Be brave and open to what is ahead.  Recognize your beauty so that you may transition with ease.


With love and gratitude,
Rebecca Sathre, Chris Amador & the URU Crew



Upcoming Events


The History, Philosophy, & Literature of Yoga: An Ongoing Story


Tuesday, April 7- May


Join David Bryan as he takes you on a journey into the history that shaped our modern yoga practice.
Explore how the philosophies and literature changed over time to meet the needs of the practitioner and see where practices that we use today originated.
This will be a series of 5 or 6 classes, depending on the amount of discussion and questions, Tuesdays from 5:45 to 6:45 in the massage room.
In addition to the history, literature, and philosophy, we will be trying some of the practices that we do not always get to in an asana class, including: mudras, mantras, and pranayama. This class will be a great opportunity for the new practitioner to come to a deeper understanding of their practice and for the seasoned practitioner who would like to learn more about their practice.
Normal class pass and rates.

Prema Hara Kirtan & Chef Lindy’s Vegan Indian Cuisine
Friday, April 10
:: A Kirtan Celebration with Prema Hara ::

“One of the greatest kirtan groups today… Prema Hara makes some of the sweetest mantra music you’ll ever hear.” ~ Spirit Voyage

Awaken the fullness of your heart with this dynamic duo who have dedicated their lives to their love of kirtan (mantra music) and living that joy with others! Prema Hara’s mellow, meditative songs build into ecstatic rhythms, creating a jubilant celebration of the spirit. Kirtan, the music of the heart, is the calling of the soul; a blissful musical journey to invoke divine presence. Come sing and dance, or just come and be! No previous experience is necessary.


Kamaniya and Keshavacharya are kirtan gypsies, touring internationally as the sacred music duo Prema Hara. Attracted by Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, both have spent many years living in ashrams, searching for the divine through devotional service and singing. Seeing so many people’s hearts transformed through the power of chanting sacred mantras, they were inspired to commit their lives to sharing the universal practice of kirtan with the world. Prema Hara has toured extensively throughout the USA & Europe, quickly gaining recognition as one of the West’s most prominent mantra music bands.

Visit www.PremaHara.com to listen to their music and connect with them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PremaHara.

“Heart-melting melodies and stirring rhythms.” ~ Jai Uttal

” … pure, kirtan at it’s best” ~ Yoga Journal Magazine

“(Prema Hara’s) chants are filled with love – total love!” ~ YogaChicago

5:30 Chef Lindy’s Vegan yummy Indian food $10 donation

7:00 Kirtan $20

(All of the proceeds from the meal will be donated to the Zaltho Foundation to help build the Oakwood Center, a residential meditation program for veterans living with post-traumatic stress.’)

Yoga of Twilight: Transitioning with grace and grit on and off the mat 
with Dr Michael DeMaria
Saturday, April 11

Twilight is a liminal place – betwixt and between where great challenge and beauty reside. Just like the light of the sun which is refracted into the dazzling colors of the sunrise and sunset, so to our soul can break open during times of hardship, transition and challenge. Whether it is from childhood to adolescents, adolescents to adulthood, or life into death, where there is an ending there is always a beginning. Dr. DeMaria will lead us through a series of meditations and poses to help us explore the inbetween spaces in our life that actually lead to exploring and experiencing who we truly are beyond our concepts of self and other, joy and sorrow, life and death, the in breath and the out. This ‘gap’ is the place where all manifestation occurs, it is the place of pure potentiality and infinite possibility – yet it also comes at a great price, the price of letting go of certainty, ideas, beliefs and expectations of ourselves, each other and reality. It is the place also of death and rebirth. We will practice the art of unknowing and surrendering into the twilight of our own being and becoming through meditation, movement and mindfulness practices.


The Man Show
Saturday, April 25

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art-the unfed mind devours itself.”

Musicians, performers, artists, sculptors-dreamers and doers alike will share their talents at The Man Show. Come check out the work of established and emerging local men within the Pensacola Arts Scene

Round 2 to celebrate the gentlemen. You all know the drill.

The evening is ONLY $10 (cash) at the door. Students $5 (w/ID). All ages welcome. Catering from local chief included with purchase of ticket. Wine and beer sold separately (21+ w/ID).


About Us

URU means “spacious” or “broad” in Sanskrit.

May we move from a place of spaciousness.

URU means You are You because that is what you are meant to be.

May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be.

We are a multifunctional Space.  We offer a wide range of YOGA classes for all ages and comfort levels. We offer a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that will allow you to go deeper into your practice and let you delve into teaching yoga.  We also offer aerial yoga, pilates,  yoga plus acrobatics, family fly yoga, hot yoga, birth circles, children’s classes, music, birthday parties, EVENTS and anything that is empowering, healing or uplifting for the commUnity.

We are located just north of Pensacola International Airport at:

2400 Executive Plaza Drive Pensacola, FL 32504




“Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. “
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
URU has a wide range of yoga classes for all ages and comfort levels.  Please notice our new kid’s classes as well. 
Parents can practice yoga while children take their own class. 
From early morning to evening, there is a class for You!
Join our teacher trainees for their practicum donation classes throughout April! 
Donations go to our yoga programs at the Pace Center for Girls, United Methodist Home for Girls and yoga for the women in jail. 

Nickie believes yoga is a sacred and necessary practice. She tried yoga in 2002 with Sudevi Linda Kramer and since then her practice has bloomed into an art and lifestyle with a depth that continues to amaze and serve her. Nickie hopes that in facilitating classes yoga practice will be accessible, challenging and exhilarating to those who try it.

Nine years after her first tentative steps onto the mat, Nickie studied with Laura Tyree of Dragonfly Yoga Studies where she received her 200 hour certification. She is continuing her yoga studies with the Kashi School of Yoga in the Kali Natha tradition with her beloved teacher Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati.

Nickie is most excited when it rains on her days off, when the coffee is fresh and when friends show up to her yoga classes. She is a cat person, but please don’t tell the dog.