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Reiki, Feminine Flow Dance, Sensually Alive Workshop, and more!   Practice of the Week: Showing up for your practice in studio is amazing, AND there is something extra magical about showing up for your practice outside of the studio. The URU team desires to support you in deepening your personal practice and to empower you to take learning and practicing into your own hands. This week we invite you to explore the second Yama! This is a Sanskrit word for positive duty or observance. Satya The Yogic version of the Western Ten Commandments are the Yamas & Niyamas. There are 5 of each. We have covered Ahimsa (non-violence), and now we move on to the second “rightful duty”. Satya is the Sanskrit word for truthfulness. Truthfulness isn’t always the easiest path or the safest, but it is the right choice. We can practice this yama by choosing to be real instead of being nice, choosing our truth over people-pleasing. It is important to check-in when you find yourself hesitating to speak your Truth… is it because you’re trying to belong? Is this desire to belong impeding your growth? “I know that in embarking on nonviolence I shall be running what might be termed a mad risk, but the victories of truth have never been won without risks,” – Mahatma Gandhi This week we invite you to participate in the following exercise from The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele: “This week observe the difference between “nice” and “real.” Notice situations where you were nice. What did this experience invoke in you? What were the results? Notice situations where you were real. What did this experience invoke in you? What were the results? From whom or what do you seek approval? Does this affect whether you act from your “niceness” or your “realness”?” This is not to say there can not be an overlap between being nice and being real, it is simply an invitation to consider! You can journal about this or just ponder. Happy practicing! JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Feminine Flow Ecstatic Dance & Cacao w/ Madeline Lucille  Friday Date: 2/24/2023 From: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm URU Airport You’re invited to a uniquely feminine experience! We will drink cacao for its magical heart opening properties + then embark on an ecstatic dance journey designed specifically to help us to tap into our feminine essence. Come dance in exploration, authenticity, & tenderness with sisters who are bravely unfolding their wings alongside one another! Come as you are, with all your feels. All is welcome here, dear one! $20 exchange Register on Mindbody Reiki Level II w/ Tonya Morris Saturday Date: 2/25/2023 From: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm URU 9 Mile Reiki Level II teaches you the foundations for sharing Reiki with others. In this class, you will be attuned to and learn how to use the 3 symbols for healing, the different methods of transferring Reiki energy and the importance of energetic hygiene when working with others. Completion of Level 1 required. Your investment of 175.00 will include your attunement and manual. If you wish to receive your certificate of completion the day of class, please reserve your space at www.uruyoga.com under Workshops/Events and send an email to Tonya via Blusunsoul@gmail.com. Tonya Morris is an Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, an End of Life Doula, an Ordained Minister and a Medium. She brings 5 years of experience teaching all levels of Usui Reiki and assisting those in need of assistance on their personal journey. “I love that you share your story. That is so important and makes the process more real. The class just seemed to flow naturally. You allowed us all to interact and share and that is so much better than lecturing. I cannot thank you enough for meeting us all where we are. My words are not really conveying what I feel. You are truly a blessing and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me!” – S Rodgerson Register on MindBody Check it out on Facebook! Sensually Alive Workshop w/ The Sisters that Stray Saturday Date: 2/25/2023 From: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm URU Airport The Sensually Alive Workshop by Sisters That Stray is designed to give you a step-by-step guide into living a heart-ruled, pleasure-fueled life by breaking down the barriers to sensual living. Throughout this sensual discovery experience you’ll be encouraged to embody, journal, explore and expand your awareness of pleasure and what it is that ignites your senses, in all areas of life. In this workshop you’ll experience: Learn the key difference between obligation, and your true, deep desires // Find deep, soulful connections with other women that could last a lifetime // Break free from self-doubt and self-sabotaging // Explore soft, slow, sensual movement — release insecurity and body shame & discover the secret to self-confidence. Tickets are $60. Register on Eventbrite! Explore Self Love and Healing through Usui Reiki Level I w/ Tonya Morris Sunday Date: 2/26/2023 From: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm URU 9 Mile This class will provide you with the history and origins of this healing modality, an understanding of your chakra system, meditations for daily practice, the importance of energetic hygiene and your level 1 attunement. Your investment of 125.00 will include your attunement and manual. If you wish to receive your certificate of completion the day of class, please reserve your space on Mindbody. Tonya Morris is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, an End of Life Doula, an Initiated Priest and a Medium. She brings 7 years of experience teaching all levels of Usui Reiki and assisting those in need of assistance on their personal journey. “There are a number of Reiki practitioners out there, but on a rare occasion you discover someone truly special. Tonya brings light to life, transforming negative or stuck energy into flow and function, bringing well being to mind, body and spirit. She is vibrant, kind, generous and embodies the spirit of the practice. The energy that flows through her is a gift to us all.” -J Perry “The class was wonderful. I really connected with you. I got lots of information. You are very knowledgeable and the way you explained things made them easy to comprehend. This is no easy or simple process and I am truly grateful for having an instructor like you.” -T Nichols “Overall, I truly valued and enjoyed your class on reiki 1. I honestly did not know what to expect, but I was relieved when you used our time not just as class/lecture but opened a conversation for all of us. I think by having that conversation type class it was easier to comprehend and think of reiki in a real-world sense, and of course to hear different perspectives. During, and after the class I felt extremely affirmed that I picked the right teacher to learn from. I am extremely excited and looking forward to continuing this healing journey.” N Rubio Register on MindBody. Check it out on Facebook! The Enegetics of Food w/ Lisa Breitenwischer Sunday Date: 2/26/2023 From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm URU Airport Join Holistic Health Coach Lisa Breitenwischer for this life-changing workshop to awaken your inner knowledge to the potential effects on your mood, character, and energy from the foods you eat. Food is more than fuel for our body. It imparts a living wisdom that is beyond the science and mechanics of calories, grams and nutritional value. With the rise of agribusiness and GMO’s, people have become disconnected from the foods they eat and have lost the ability to register the subtle rhythms, harmony, and energies that food can convey. Learn how to revitalize your connection to food and remedy any physical and emotional imbalances through the wisdom of food energetics. $25 investment Register on the MindBody app. Check it out on Facebook! Beach Sound Bath w/ Swan Michelle Sunday Date: 2/26/2023 From: 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm This pure high vibrational lying down concert includes large crystal bowls, planetary gongs, an extensive collection of tuning forks, balinese metal drums, elemental chimes, along with the soothing serenade of sacred song by Swan Michelle. As a recalibration of the nervous system, Sound Therapy is a measurable and an accessible release of bound stress, trauma and energy in the body, emotions and mental faculties. This is both an incredibly creative and unique experience to bring your entire family to as a deep reset of the sacred. It is a form of art and a remembrance of beauty. All levels are welcome. There is no movement in this sound experience. Swan Michelle has been offering Sound Bath’s as an invitation to listen and deepen our sensitivity to harmonic, resonate frequencies at Swan River Yoga since 2012, offering a space of healing for thousands of recipients across the Gulf Coast and globe. She is a Certified Sound Therapist, now focused on holding space for them on the beach in Pensacola and The Gulf Region. Weather and Refund Policies: All special events are non-refundable. If circumstances out of our control, such as weather, do not permit for outdoor events, we will notify you within 1 hour of the event of the date change. If the date change does not work for you, you will be credited for the same event in the future. Investment: $30 You will receive an email with location details about 2 hours before the event on the day of the event. Please email Halldora if you do not receive this email. Contact: Halldora Hart with for any information you may need: Email: Halldorauruyoga@gmail.com Text: 970.616.2988 Register on MindBody Check it out on Facebook! Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Tuesday, February 28th 8:00am – 8:30am URU by the Airport Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Also, there is a separate Breath work class from 7 – 8 that is a great way to prepare for the ice bath. $10 Register on Mindbody Check it out on Facebook! URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 3 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 955 E. Nine Mile Road, Ste. 102 Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be. CONTACT US URU Yoga | 2400 Executive Plaza Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503 Unsubscribe wps3cr3tn3wz@uruyoga.com Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by loveallbeckie@hotmail.com in collaboration with Try email marketing for free today!