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Going YINward, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Journey, Dance.. and MORE!   Practice of the Week: Showing up for your practice in studio is amazing, AND there is something extra magical about showing up for your practice outside of the studio. The URU team desires to support you in deepening your personal practice and to empower you to take learning and practicing into your own hands. This week we invite you to explore an asana, a physical posture. Upavistha Konasana (Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold) A non-exhaustive list of benefits to practicing and refining this posture are: Stretches the hamstrings and inner thighs. Opens the hips and back of the body. Stimulates the abdominal organs. Strengthens your spine​. How To: Begin seated in Dandasana (seated staff pose) Spread your legs wide. Only as wide as you can sit up tall and be comfortable, stacking the head over the heart over the pelvis. If you notice a rounding in your spine, try sitting up on a stack of blankets, blocks, or books to lift the hips. Lifting the hips takes pressure off of the low back, and it gives you mores space to sit up tall. Your hips in are in an external rotation, and the feet are flexed with the toes towards the sky, keeping a slight bend in the knee. You can always place blocks, blankets, or pillows under the knees for support. Inhale to sit up tall and open your heart. Exhale to begin walking the fingers forward and finding a comfortable place to rest. You get to choose to round into your fold or keep your chest lifted. Remain here as long as you’d like. Windshield wipers are a great counter movement to this shape. This is a reminder that there is no one “right way” to be in a pose. There is always an opportunity to modify for your unique body! Happy practicing! JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Going YINward: Yin Yoga and Bodywork With Makaylah & Kala URU Yoga – Gulf Breeze Fri 3/31/2023 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm $30 investment Join Makaylah and Kala for an evening dedicated to going YINward. Yin yoga is a style of yoga that targets the joints, ligaments, fascia, and connective tissue. Poses are held anywhere from 3-10 minutes to allow our bodies to meet edges and soften into a pose. We will be encouraging the use of props (blankets, blocks, and bolsters) to optimize our comfort in this process. We will begin the practice with a guided meditation to facilitate your inward journey. Makaylah will guide you through a 90 minute Yin sequence while both Makaylah and Kala offer hands on assists to support you in finding depth. The assists will be a mixture of massage techniques, energy work, and adjustments to support your posture. We will only touch you with your consent. We will then close out the evening with another guided meditation to facilitate you coming back into your body. Wear cozy clothes, if you have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, eye pillow, etc.) bring them, and maybe even bring your favorite cup of tea! We look forward to seeing you on the mat. Makaylah and Kala are both RYT-200hr, and Kala is a licensed massage therapist. ***PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED… limited spaces*** 4 spaces remain! Register on Eventbrite! Or Register on MindBody. Dance with your Darkside w/ Marcia Monti URU by the Airport Sat 4/1/2023 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm $30 investment Learning to love ourselves completely means embracing the totality of who we are, including the parts of us we work so hard to ignore or run from. This “Intro to Shadow Work” workshop for women is for you if you’re ready to: unlock authenticity & creativity. Together you’ll be guided to explore the hidden gems unique to you that are buried just beneath the surface. Through storytelling & journal prompts you’ll identify the limiting stories that are running the show behind the scenes and keeping you from living your most fulfilled life. By releasing what does not serve you, it creates space for your true essence to shine through. Agenda:* An overview of shadow work. * Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back. * Reawaken the inner dreamer that’s ready to reclaim her true essence. * Release what no longer serves you in order to make space for the new. What to bring: Notepad & pen, Water, An open heart. Expanded description: Most of us have gone to great lengths to protect our self-image by never revealing anything that’s unflattering. The formation of the shadow self starts during childhood when messages are picked up and stored internally. As a child, we’re told “this is good” or, “this is bad”. Perhaps when you were young, you loved to sing & dance, however, during a time when you were being playful someone teased, scolded, or reprimanded you. As a result, you shut down or repressed your “playful” side in order to avoid the pain and embarrassment it caused you. Now, all these years later you hear a whisper reminding you that you love to sing and dance, but you have so much fear built up that you do your best to ignore it. You find yourself living a life that’s more serious than you’d like. You imagine how amazing it would be if you could access the part of you that feels playful and free. This is one of many scenarios where “things happened” and as a result, over time, we exile parts of our true, authentic selves as a way to feel safe. Thus, shutting down the dreams and gifts within that are meant to be shared with the world. In order to tap back into the parts of us we banished years before, it’s necessary to acknowledge & challenge the stories we adopted. We must rewrite a newer, better story. For many of us, we did not have a safe space to share our fears & traumatic experiences, both big and small. As a result, we’ve held it all in. And, in time, the weight of our stories becomes very heavy. If you’re ready to begin the process of identifying the parts of you that are ready to be reclaimed in a safe, intimate space, join me to get started. When we learn to accept & love “all” parts of ourselves, including the parts we’ve worked so hard to hide, we’re able to access the gifts we hold that are ready to be activated. This work has been instrumental in my own personal life. I feel so passionately about this topic because doing my own shadow work has allowed me to reclaim the parts of me I thought were inaccessible. I want other women to have the same access and support that has made such a difference in my own life. Register on MindBody. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation: Journey through the Chakras w/ Stacey Vann URU by the Airport Sun 4/2/2023 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm $100 investment We are vibrational, energetic beings through which the universal life force flows and the ancient spiritual practice of Yoga offers us a sacred map to understanding life from the sacred – how we experience ourselves, each other, and life. The seven chakras play an integral role in balancing, processing and transforming energy. Join us for this uplifting, experiential workshop where we explore the 7 chakras – energy centers, wheels or vortexes that generate, process and transform energy. The chakras harmonize all levels of our being – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Kundalini Yoga kriyas and mantras attune the chakras. As we journey from the base to the crown, we move from the gross to the subtle energetics of the body integrating movement, breath, mantra, affirmations and essential oils specific to each chakra. The 8 hour workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and may be applied towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits. Register on Mindbody Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Tuesday, April 4th 8:00am – 8:30am URU by the Airport Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Also, there is a separate Breath work class from 7 – 8 that is a great way to prepare for the ice bath. $10 Register on Mindbody. Ecstatic Dance w/ Madeline URU by the Airport Tues 4/4/2023 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm $5-$15 sliding scale investment Come one come all! This space is for any human seeking a communal space to connect, dance, share vulnerably, authentically, and without shame! Ecstatic dance is a practice of releasing your inhibitions to allow the frequency of the music to move you and groove you in wonderful, exciting & unexpected ways. When we move from the mind and into the body, alchemy occurs, and we are able to shift stuck + trapped emotions, revealing a deeper, richer connection with Self. Each dance is an alchemical journey of magic in which you are asked to surrender deeper + open more to the ways in which your spirit is urging you to M O V E through whatever emotions are present. All of you is welcome here to play, explore, and connect with your body on a deeper level than you may ever have before. You can expect a wonderful dance of feminine & masculine energies, a safe and loving space to let your walls down, and an experience that will almost always blast your heart wide open. If you’re feeling the call but experiencing some fear + hesitation, please come & bring all all of your fears with you! Then, we will dance them through safely + lovingly, together! Register on MindBody Venmo: madelinearth Cash upon arrival or… register with this link below Register here! 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