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Goddess Flow Chakra Dance Masterclass, FREE Global Walk for Meditation, KIRTAN, & MORE!   JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Goddess Flow Chakra Dance Masterclass w/ Deanna Dhyana Fri Sep 22nd 6:30 – 7:30 PM Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile $27.77 investment “Goddess Flow” Chakra Dance Masterclass: A journey from Root to Crown in Dance Medicine…Healing through the Chakras!!! Deanna guides you in a free flow dance from the root to the crown! Chakra dance empowers to free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of SELF! Every class is a self-love creative expression …a journey to you…for us to tap into our inner magic…Each song leads us deeper into our POWER! We’ll start off by setting our intentions and grounding to music as we move into the Root Chakra connecting to Power of Earth, to the Sacral Chakra connecting to the Power of Water, to the Solar Plexus connecting to the Power of Fire, to the Heart Chakra connecting to the Power of Air, going higher to the Throat Chakra connecting to the Power of ether, to the Third Eye connecting to Spirit, and climaxing in the Crown Chakra connecting into our highest vibration within ourselves and Source energy! Tap INto YOU with Djembe Afro-House …Tribal Fusion…and sacred vibes to uplift the energy system! Conscious…Connected…Rhythm… Goddess Flow…. We will close out by breathing that sacred energy throughout our bodies and My guidance should leave you totally immersed in you and free to connect with Divine in your own beautiful way! In conclusion, we lift off and float on our merry way fully empowered…fully uplifted…fully open and ready to receive your Goddess Flow…and share that MAGIC…magically and beautifully everywhere YOU go!!! Cost: $27.77/pp // Peace + Love + LIGHT // Deanna Aka Bod Gyal Magic // SEE YOU SOON!- Register on MindBody FREE Global Walk for Meditation Event w/ Swan Michelle & Friends Sat Sep 23rd 9 AM – 1:30 PM Location: Springhill Suites Pensacola Beach FL Dr Joe Dispenza’s Global Walk For The World Meditation Creator: Dr Joe Dispenza Group Producer: Swan Michelle Sponsored by The Positive Vibrations Foundation Walk For The World Schedule – Pensacola Beach, brought to you by Swan Michelle, is officially listed as a Walk For World location walkforthe.world/#register The first even walk for the world event, invited by the Dr Joe Dispenza community. Participants can walk together in groups; as part of larger, organized walks in their cities or towns; form their own groups with family and friends; or join us in the solitude of their own practice. All walkers will follow a brand new, guided Walking Meditation created for this event. Walk for the World is open to anyone who wants to participate – from anywhere in the world, and we are now an approved location here in Pensacola Beach. In our Walking Meditations, we practice transitioning from the traditional seated meditation, where we change our energy with our eyes closed, to an active meditation – where we change our energy while standing, followed by walking in that energy with our eyes open. In these meditations, we walk as it. We demonstrate who we want to be in our future, and we become it, together as a community. Gathered by Swan Michelle, this community event is FREE Schedule: 9-10am Yoga with Rebecca Sarthre 10am fruit, juice pastries served by Beth 10:30am welcome and intention setting with Swan Michelle 11am CST Dr Joe Lead Wallkling Meditation on the beach ***11am Dr Joe Dispenza lead Global Walking Meditation *Note: You must have headphones to experience the meditation. Highlighted event, happening with tens of thousands around the world 1pm-1:30pm CST Beach Sound Bath Collaboration Circle Cool down Swan Michelle, & local musicians ACCESSIBILITY: This is on the beach. If there are participants that need assistance walking, as this is an all able bodied all age encouraged event, please inform Swan Michelle and we will provide a volunteer to assist you walk or to be outside seated with you as to still experience this event. FREE EVENT More information here! The Art of Connection w/ The Sisters that Stray Sat Sep 23rd 2-5 PM Location: URU Yoga – Airport $50 Investment You’ll learn: Gain awareness of recurring patterns that are blocking deeper connection in your relationships, you’ll see how these patterns shape your relationships & learn strategies to break free from these patterns and replace them with healthier alternatives Anxiety management techniques – learn to identify the triggers of anxiety and they acquire practical tools to manage and alleviate anxiety How to feel more seen and understood in your relationships Communication skills for more harmonious relationships An immersive and transformative experience designed to empower you with the skills and insights needed to enhance your emotional well-being and the quality of your relationships. It is rooted in the understanding that our patterns of behavior, often formed unconsciously, can significantly impact our relationship, who we attract as partners and our emotional states. This workshop is for women seeking to deepen their connection within their relationships, overcome anxiety, and create a more harmonious and fulfilling life. Through a combination of embodiment practices, group shares, guided exercises, expert-led presentations and reflective journaling – you’ll leave feeling more at peace and empowered to receive what you truly desire in your relationships. The Art of Connection workshop provides a safe, inclusive, and nurturing space for individuals to explore, learn, and evolve. Whether you are navigating challenging relationships, seeking personal growth, or simply striving to create a more peaceful inner world, this workshop will equip you with the tools and insights to make meaningful changes. Facilitated by Meleah and Manda Manning, Co-Founders of Sisters That Stray. Meleah Manning is a trauma-informed relationship mentor who has supported 100’s of women to overcome past pain, attract healthy love and experience lasting connection. She runs a mentorship program, Radiant Relationship Academy, providing the pathway for women to learn the step-by-step process to overcome relationship anxiety and experience an emotionally connected relationship. Manda is a somatic breath therapist and yoga + meditation instructor, specializing in conscious movement and using body-based modalities to integrate trauma and connect to your inner knowing. Register on MindBody Register on Eventbrite! Breathe to the Beat w/ Amy Jinks Sat Sep 23rd 6:30 – 8 PM Location: URU Yoga – Airport $35 Investment Get ready to dive into a world of relaxation with “Breathe to the Beat” – the ultimate blend of soothing breath meditation and melodic vibes. You’ll be swaying gently to the rhythm, letting go of stress as you sync your breath with the pulsating beats. It’s like a dance of tranquility, where you’ll effortlessly flow into a state of relaxation and serenity. Tune in, let loose, and let your breath become one with the mesmerizing rhythm, guiding you towards a newfound body awareness that’s simply invigorating. So, are you ready to groove your way to ease and unwind with the art of breath? Let’s dive in! Register on MindBody Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Location: URU Yoga – Airport Every Tuesday & Thursday Pranayama 7:00-8:00 am (Regular Class Rates & Passes Apply) Ice Bath: 8:00 – 8:30 am $15 Investment Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Register on Mindbody. Kids Aerial Silks with Malia Location: URU Yoga – Airport Wednesday’s 4:15 – 5:15 pm $25 Drop In $100 5 Class Pack We are so excited to fly with you again with aerial silks for children and youth. $25 drop in $100 for a 5 class pack. We will post classes whenever a drop in class occurs. Register on Mindbody. KIRTAN: Call & Response Mantra Singing w/ Brenan & Makaylah Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Thurs Sep 28th 7 – 8:30 PM $15 drop in or sliding scale payment available In this class, led by Makaylah McCleery & Brenan Woody, you will experience a taste of Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is the path of loving devotion. Kirtan is the practice of call & response Sanskrit mantra chanting. Brenan or Makaylah will sing the chant & you are encouraged to repeat it in response! Singing is not required, but it is highly encouraged. You are always welcome to just come sit and see what it’s about before you participate. Brenan plays the hand-drum, and Makaylah plays the harmonium to support the mantras. Mantras are sacred sounds used to focus the mind on the Divine. Names of deities will be used, but this doesn’t mean that you are invoking anything outside of yourself. You are the Divine, and you are chanting to that place within YOU. We will not dive too deep into the meanings of these mantras in this class, instead- we will focus on dropping into the chanting and opening our hearts to our own unique experience. Brenan & Makaylah offer more in-depth workshops and classes to dive deeper into mythology and meaning if you are interested in learning more! There will be no Asana (physical practice) in this class. We will be seated with cushions and other supports. Dancing, standing, or lying down is also available! Just whatever you need to remain comfortable through class. We will burn incense, palo santo, or sage… if there is a student with scent sensitivity, we will forgo the burning of any scents. We will keep the lighting relatively low… but there will be plenty of light to see! ***Also, if you are unable to pay the entire $15 drop-in, we will accept donations for this class. Pay anything you are able! We just want you to show up and experience this! Venmo: @makaylahmccleery ***If you are feeling any hesitancy, we invite you to release your inhibitions and just come give it a try! You will be met with so much love, support, and patience. If you have any questions, please email: makaylahmccleery@gmail.com Register on Mindbody. URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 3 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 2475 E. 9 Mile Road, Ste G Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be. CONTACT US URU Yoga | 2400 Executive Plaza Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503 Unsubscribe wps3cr3tn3wz@uruyoga.com Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by loveallbeckie@hotmail.com powered by Try email marketing for free today!