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Going YINward, Blacklight Aerial Silks, Moon circle, and MORE!   JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Going YINward: Yin Yoga & Bodywork w/ Kala + Makaylah Fri Sep 29th 6:30 – 8:30 PM Location: URU Yoga – GB $55 investment Join Makaylah and Kala for an evening dedicated to going YINward. Yin yoga is a style of yoga that targets the joints, ligaments, fascia, and connective tissue. Poses are held anywhere from 3-10 minutes to allow our bodies to meet edges and soften into a pose. We will be encouraging the use of props (blankets, blocks, and bolsters) to optimize our comfort in this process. We will begin the practice with a guided meditation to facilitate your inward journey. Makaylah will guide you through a 90 minute Yin sequence while both Makaylah and Kala offer hands on assists to support you in finding depth. The assists will be a mixture of massage techniques, energy work, and adjustments to support your posture. We will only touch you with your consent. We will then close out the evening with another guided meditation to facilitate you coming back into your body. Wear cozy clothes, if you have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, eye pillow, etc.) bring them, and maybe even bring your favorite cup of tea! We look forward to seeing you on the mat. Makaylah and Kala are both RYT-200hr, and Kala is a licensed massage therapist. They also utilize the modalities of Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing. ***PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED… there are 7 spaces left*** Register on Eventbrite! Register on MindBody Blacklight Aerial Silks w/ Nikki Sat Sep 30th 6 – 7:30 PM Location: URU Yoga – Airport Investment: $25 w/ own silk, $35 rented silk The studio will be decked out in UV black lights so wear your best neon or white clothing and come GLOW with us! We will learn aerial basics on silks as well as a few tricks and conditioning moves! We will have a wind down and savasana, as well as free play time where you can revisit your favorite moves and take photos! Beginner friendly. All bodies welcome. Silks classes are suitable for ages 12 and up. Sign up on URUYoga.com under workshops/events or on the Mindbody App. Message Nikki at (850) 463-2758 with questions. Bring water and be ready to work! Please do not wear jewelry as this can snag in the silks! No refunds or cancellations. It is best if you sign up and show up to your original event. However, we know life happens. 48 hours notice must be given in the event you cannot attend. For events that happen on a recurring basis, we will offer an URU credit to the same event or similar event with the same teacher. (We must be notified 48 hours before the event happens.) Only one switch can occur with the credit. There is a 5 person minimum sign up for this event to occur. If 24 hours before the event there are not at least 5 signs ups, you will be notified of the cancellation and your ticket can be used for a future Blacklight event. Register on MindBody KAR: Kundalini Activation Reset w/ Carlie Hunter Sat Sep 30th 6 – 8:30 PM Location: URU Yoga – GB $44 Investment Relax & Elevate – Kundalini Activation Reset Meditation Lvl 1 No Experience Necessary A Transformational Meditation Lvl 1 includes: • Introduction • Intention Setting • Physical Stress Release • Guided Meditation • Breathwork Practice • Progressive Relaxation • Sound Bath • Clear Limiting Beliefs • Somatic Release of Stress • Deep Meditation States Experience a level of oneness that will stay with you. KAR is a powerful energy-healing meditation that activates the movement of life force energy within the body, assists us in transforming our lives and connects us to our heart. It is a deep and profound experience to enhance your physical and emotional self-awareness by tapping into your life force energy. KAR ignites the Kundalini awakening process. Kundalini awakening is an integral part of many spiritual practices and is often considered the highest form of spiritual enlightenment. In this process, we tap into an immense source of energy within and unlock our full potential. This then brings about healing, transformation, and greater understanding. This transformative meditation is a powerful experience that can leave us feeling more connected to ourselves, the universe, and our divine purpose. Kundalini energy is present in all humans and is often referred to as the “life force” or “sacred fire.” It is the subtle force that connects us to the universe. Through KAR, we explore our inner potential and initiate an unfolding of awareness that helps remove negative thought patterns, rebalances our chakras, and leads to higher states of consciousness and a deeper understanding of the personal and human experience. What to Expect on the Mat You can witness profound shifts in awareness, clarity, heightened perception, increased intuition, self-empowerment, deep relaxation, somatic releases, and vivid visual journeys. A mat, bolster, and blanket will be provided but you may want to bring another blanket to help cushion. You will be in recline on the floor for most of the practice. It’s recommended for a receiver to be well hydrated, and not have a full stomach. I can’t wait to share this work with you! DM for any additional questions or post to the event page. Register on MindBody Sacred Moon Circle & Cacao Ceremony w/ Waterlily Rising Sun Oct 1st 7 – 9 PM Location: URU Yoga – Airport $25 Investment You are warmly invited to join us in sacred circle as we reset, relax, and renew ourselves. It is so special to have a place you can come and return to every couple of weeks to be with like-minded souls who share a love for Mama Moon, Mama Earth, & making magic with them both! We will begin with the aroma therapy of organic sage essential oil and connect with divine self through calming breathwork. Next, we will cast a *thread of light* circle by candlelight and honor the elements. We will set intentions over the sweet heart medicine of Mama Cacao as Waterlily offers energetic guidance based on the current astrological weather, growing our knowledge of both self and cosmos. We will then activate the moon energy through a beautiful moon ritual. You don’t have to know anything about astrology to attend. Waterlily will guide you through every part and she loves to answer questions These gatherings are warm, welcoming, therapeutic and full of love. We all have a desire for community knitted deeply into the fabric of our souls. We would love to have you be a part of ours All beings welcome ages 17 and up Items to Bring: *MUG*JOURNAL*PEN*XTRAPILLOW*ENERGY TOOLS(decks, crystals, amulets, etc.) *YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF DM to RSVP Energy Exchange: $25 Payments received through Mindbody *or* Venmo @waterlilyrising under Emily Moreno Register on MindBody Coming Up This Week…. Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Location: URU Yoga – Airport Every Tuesday & Thursday Pranayama 7:00-8:00 am (Regular Class Rates & Passes Apply) Ice Bath: 8:00 – 8:30 am $15 Investment Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Register on Mindbody. Ecstatic Dance w/ Madeline Tues Oct 3rd 7:15 – 9:15 PM Location: URU Yoga – Airport Investment: $5-15 Come one come all! This space is for any human seeking a communal space to connect, dance, share vulnerably, authentically, and without shame! Ecstatic dance is a practice of releasing your inhibitions to allow the frequency of the music to move you and groove you in wonderful, exciting & unexpected ways. When we move from the mind and into the body, alchemy occurs, and we are able to shift stuck + trapped emotions, revealing a deeper, richer connection with Self. Each dance is an alchemical journey of magic in which you are asked to surrender deeper + open more to the ways in which your spirit is urging you to M O V E through whatever emotions are present. All of you is welcome here to play, explore, and connect with your body on a deeper level than you may ever have before. You can expect a wonderful dance of feminine & masculine energies, a safe and loving space to let your walls down, and an experience that will almost always blast your heart wide open. If you’re feeling the call but experiencing some fear + hesitation, please come & bring all all of your fears with you! Then, we will dance them through safely + lovingly, together! Register on Mindbody. Kids Aerial Silks with Malia Location: URU Yoga – Airport Wednesday’s 4:15 – 5:15 pm $25 Drop In $100 5 Class Pack We are so excited to fly with you again with aerial silks for children and youth. $25 drop in $100 for a 5 class pack. We will post classes whenever a drop in class occurs. Register on Mindbody. Sacred Sound Medicine & Cacao Ceremony w/ Waterlily Rising Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Thurs Oct 5th 7 – 8:30 PM $25 investment Hello, beloved beautiful beings • You are warmly invited to embark on a magical sound journey with me to the soothing vibrations and frequencies of crystal singing bowls, various percussion instruments, and soul songs with channeled light language ???? • We will begin with light breathwork and gentle movement to reconnect with our center before entering the sound healing meditation. • We will end with an integrative cacao ceremony, inviting the loving warmth of Mama Cacao to fill our hearts and bellies, while setting intentions together for the week ahead. • Song is a universal language that all beings understand and there is universal healing available within its eternal wellspring • I’d love to see you there and share this magical evening with you • Items to bring: yoga mat, blanket, pillow (Studios also have extras) dress comfortably Ticket: $25 (RSVP through Mindbody or Venmo @waterlilyrising under Emily Moreno)  Register on Mindbody. URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 3 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 2475 E. 9 Mile Road, Ste G Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be. CONTACT US URU Yoga | 2400 Executive Plaza Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503 Unsubscribe wps3cr3tn3wz@uruyoga.com Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by loveallbeckie@hotmail.com powered by Try email marketing for free today!