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Balance & Align May 2017 Balance & Align In Yogic philosophy, the universe is created from a fundamental substance, Prakriti or Shakti. From Shakti, the 3 gunas, emerge forming the essential aspects of all of nature that underlie all matter, life and mind. The 3 Gunas are qualities, threads or primal tendencies. Rajas-energy, activity, turbulence, passion, change, motion Tamas-inertia, dullness, heavy, darkness, sleepiness Sattva-balance, harmony, clarity, intelligence, virtue, rhythm We are constantly balancing these energies to find a sattvic way of living. This month, notice ways to balance your life and align with your Self. Slow down, nurture, and take care of yourself when you are feeling overly extended or full. Take deep breaths and know that saying “no” is often kind and true and will create balance. Challenge yourself, move your body, and engage your mind when you are feeling sluggish or low in energy. Notice if being tired has become a habit and allow yourself to align with more energy. Most importantly, allow yourself to come into balance and align with your truest, deepest Self. When you align with the flow of your deepest Self, support shows up where needed. Please know that you are loved, beautiful, valued and important. We love you, The URU Yoga Crew Bikram Continues at URU! Mondays Downtown @ 9:00am Tuesdasy URU by the airport @ 9:00am Thursdays URU by the airport @ 9:00am **New $5 Community Class Downtown** Hot Yoga Fridays with Garrett 5:30-6:45pm Sam’s Back Acro Yoga Jam: Return of the Acro Mermaid Thursday, May 4 5-11pm Community Maritime Park 301 W. Main St. Pensacola Acro Yoga Thursday night jam time! With the return of Sam Lee! Bring your fun and picnic supplies and get ready to have some acro fun. Come from far and wide for an evening of play and adventure time. #acroeveryday Back up Weather Plan: If weather does not permit park play, the jam will be at URU by the airport at 7:00. Check it out on Facebook Acro Conditioning & Handstands Thursday, May 11 7-9pm URU by the airport Sam is back in Pensacola and ready to play! Come get conditioned for acro skills with Sam and Blake every other Thursday, starting May 11th. This class will be all about getting your body ready for the skills taught in Blake and Megan’s Monday night class. Just like any sport, you’re not going to get the maximum results from just playing the game. You have to train to be the best, most supportive acro partner you can be! The second half of class will be about inversions! Whether you’ve never done a handstand or have a consistent handstand practice, I’ll be offering tips and drills to get you comfortable and in proper alignment upside down. Please reach out with any questions or concerns about content or skills! This is an open levels class, so absolutely everyone is welcome. Check it out on Facebook Amanda Krasniewski Graduation & Ashley Forrer Flying Away Party Friday, May 12 6-8:30pm URU by the airport Please come celebrate the beauty of Amanda and Ashley. Amanda has taught aerial for us for a long time and is now teaching yoga as well. She has been such an enthusiastic, positive, stable, supportive spirit at URU. Ashley has been teaching yoga at URU and is such a sweet, kind, beautiful spirit. 6:00-7:15 Yoga with Amanda 7:15-8:30 Party and simple potluck Amanda will offer her graduation practicum class and then we will celebrate her graduation from URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training. Both women are flying away to their new adventures in life. They are moving because of the service of their significant others in the military. Let’s come to celebrate these sweet women.. We love you so much…. You will always have a home at URU. Check it out on Facebook Mom & Me Playdate Saturday, May 13 1-4pm URU by the airport Join us for a Mom & Me Playdate on Saturday, May 13th for a sweet and fun afternoon dedicated to our wonderful mothers. This interactive event is designed to bring moms and their kids together to play, create, and connect with each other. (Adult “kids” welcome!) Create lasting memories together as we warm up with gentle yoga, play Mother’s-Day-themed games, craft special keepsakes, and pamper Mom with some well-deserved relaxation. *Activities are designed for moms (or mother-figures) and “kids” ages 8 and up (including adult kids!) Younger children are also welcome to join and participate in their own way. 🙂 Cost: $25/pair, $10 additional Co-Lead by Melissa Garner and her daughter, Cara Check it out on Facebook Release Yo’ Self Saturday, May 13 3:30-5:30pm URU Downtown Guided Workshop, with Jenny Diebold Would you enjoy learning ways to release habits and routines that are causing stress in your body? Release Yo’Self with Jenny and learn to activate your internal guidance system. Engage in practices to help you create heart centered shifts. Workshop will include: Gentle yoga postures for releasing physical tension Guided meditation & breathing sequences Dialogue on developing your intuition Play and movement for creating energetic balance $18 Check it out on Facebook May 14th Happy Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Private Yoga with Kerry Take care of the mother in your life. Customized yoga session, use of essential oils, head massage, raw chocolates $50 Dance! Dance! Party! Party! Thursday, May 18 7:15-8:15pm URU Downtown Come dance to your heart’s content in a booze, boys and judgment-free zone! An hour long ladies only dance party! We like to say “No judgment of yourself or anyone else.” Come to DANCE, sweat, sing and lose yourself in the music. There will be a one hour playlist including warm-up and a cool down songs. Let loose! Get in the zone! Get sweaty…or not! High kicks and hip poppin’ are optional. $5 per person Wear workout clothes, bring water bottle and a friend! Check it out on Facebook Intro Level Lyra Thursday, May 18 7:30-8:45pm URU by the airport Join Ashlyn as she leads a introduction to Lyra, also known as aerial hoop. Lyra, another aerial apparatus, is a steel hoop hung in a similar manner to the silks. This class is great if you have no lyra experience or want to brush up on your skills. Lyra, while beautiful, can be more intense than silks. It is not suitable for students with major shoulder, back, or hand injuries. Please contact Ashlyn with any questions : swaffordashlyn@gmail.com $15 for everyone non-refundable only 8 spots available Preregistration required Thank you! www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-app www.uruyoga.com/uru-event-schedule/ Check it out on Facebook Ever thought of becoming a life coach? Friday, May 19 5:30-8:30pm URU (By the airport) OR Monday, May 22 5:30-8:30pm URU Gulf Breeze Come see what it’s all about and experience it for yourself. Wanda Taylor, ICF Master Certified Coach and owner of Bay Centre Health & Wellness and U-Coach Academy, will share with you what it means to become a professional life coach or to add it to your existing professional services. Following the introduction, Wanda will lead us in a couple of fun life coaching exercises. We will close with a Q & A session and the chance to network and enjoy refreshments. FREE! Pre-register here: wanda-taylor.clickfunnels.com/optinlz50ioxv Kids Gallery Night, Parents Night Out Friday, May 19 7:30-9pm URU Downtown Kids Yoga Night–parents, take some time for yourself! Let us offer your children an incredible night of yoga while you take a well-deserved break & go out on the town for Gallery Night. The evening is filled with a variety of fun yoga games, activities, crafts, stories, music, etc. $20 each child sound $5 off sibling discount. Check it out on Facebook Yoga & Self Massage with Amber Sunday, May 21 4:45-6:30pm URU Gulf Breeze Relieve pain and increase mobility through self-myofascial release. Self-myofascial release is a self-massage technique that benefits the soft-tissue for improvements in muscular flexibility and reduction in stiffness and pain. In this workshop we will use yoga to stretch and warm the muscles, then utilize 2 rubber bounce balls to self-massage different areas of the body. The rubber balls will be provided and will be yours to keep. This workshop is for anyone who is looking to relieve tight, sore, achy muscles. No yoga experience is necessary to enjoy this self-massage workshop. $20 Check it out on Facebook Basic Principles of Clean Eating Wednesday, May 24 6-8pm URU Gulf Breeze Join Betsy LeGallais at URU Gulf Breeze in the Treehouse for a fun and interactive cooking class. We will cover the basic principles of how to go about cleaning up your diet in a fun and informative way. Class will include handouts, cooking demonstration, and a light meal. For more information, contact Betsy LeGallais on her website www.sagacitywellness.com. $25 Check it out on Facebook Poetry Night Saturday, May 27 6-9pm URU Downtown We welcome you to come read your own poetry or poems that have inspired you. You can also come to soak in the good vibes as we build community and share the love of culture, art, and friendship. Host: Sean Seid Cost: Donation Check it out on Facebook Save the Date… Come As You Are Friday Night Series Friday night series beginning June 2 8-9:15pm URU by the airport Alternative Flow with Jenny Gentle flow with playful music and a guided meditation leading into savasana. Build strength with balance poses and core work. Relax your body and mind in a space open to all beings. New or experienced yogis and anywhere in between are welcome. June 2 June 30 July 28 August 25 Regular class passes apply. Check it out on Facebook Preschool Kids Yoga 4 Week Summer Series Wednesdays beginning July 19 11-11:45am URU Gulf Breeze Ages 2-5 In this 4 week series, Kelly Monahan and Kerry Whiteley will help preschoolers develop body awareness and self-regulation through story-telling, music, creative movement, and toys. We will move from silly to calm and learn how to use the breath as a tool to calm down when necessary. We will have fun and dance and play! In a mommy & me, “circle time” setting, we will learn stress management techniques. Week 1, July 19: Belly Breathing Week 2, July 26: Muscular Relaxation Week 3, August 2: Positive Affirmations Week 4, August 9: Visualization$25 Check it out on Facebook URU Yoga & Beyond 200 Hour Teacher Training Friday, September 8 URU by the airport The URU Yoga & Beyond teacher training is a peak pose vinyasa yoga teacher training with a strong emphasis on finding your unique authentic voice in life and in teaching. We will delve into all aspects of yoga including philosophy, mantra, bhakti yoga, meditation, asana, karma yoga, anatomy and physiology and most certainly yoga as a lifestyle. We will cultivate a community that studies, practices, laughs, learns, grows, opens and connects. The URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training will be lead by Rebecca Sathre with many guest teachers from URU and around the country. The training will be very broad and vast with a concentrated focus on authenticity in teaching. URU Yoga & Beyond Teacher Training dates will be announced. The first weekend of the training is September 9-11 (URU1) General weekend hours (these may shift slightly for guest teachers) Friday: 5:30-9:00 Saturday 11:00-8:00 Sunday 9:00-6:00 The application can be found on www.uruyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/online-application/ Financial Commitment is $2600 paid in full or 3 payments of $950 by September 1st, $950 by December 1st and $950 by March 1st. $200 non refundable application fee is required upon signing contract. We accept MyCAA scholarships for military spouses through our program. Additional costs that are required are the purchase of an URU class pass which will be sold at a discount to teacher trainees, plus the purchase of required books. Check it out on Facebook URU Autumn Equinox Weekend Retreat Friday, September 22- Sunday, September 24 Coldwater Gardens in Milton, FL Please join us for our 2nd Annual Full Weekend retreat at the beautiful Coldwater Gardens in Milton, September 22-24, 2017. September 22nd marks the Autumn Equinox…the autumn equinox marks the point where day and night are of equal length before the days get shorter and the nights longer. We shift from a place of high energy, outward focused energy and heat building to turning inward, cooling and finding rest, renewal, contemplation, and transformation A URU retreat will include yoga, meditation, group circling to hold sacred space for open discussion, partner connection, delicious & healthy food, and lots of fun! Friday, September 22, 4pm Check-in Sunday, September 24, 4pm Check-out *All Inclusive (lodging, food, and activities for the weekend) Treehouse- (BOOKED) Cottages-$430 per space for King Bed Cottages-$410 per space in Comfy Pull out bed Cabana- (BOOKED) Glamping-$360 per space Glamping on air mattress-$330 per space ****There is an extra charge if you would like to have your own bed.**** These prices reflect 2 people per bed. Platform Camping-$320 per space Primitive Camping-$270 per space Retreat without accommodations-$270 per person. To register, call URU at 850-377-5334 To view pictures of the above accommodations and the Coldwater Gardens property, visit www.coldwatergardens.com Check it out on Facebook URU Yoga & Beyond www.uruyoga.com 4 Locations Pensacola: 2400 Executive Plaza Drive 955 E. Nine Mile Road, Ste. 102 100 S. Baylen Street, Ste. D Gulf Breeze: 913 Gulf Breeze Parkway Harbourtown Shopping Center, Ste. 26 URU means spacious, broad and abundant in Sanskrit. May we move from a place of spaciousness. URU means You Are You because that is who you are meant to be. May we move from a place of Being who we are meant to be CONTACT US URU Yoga | 2400 Executive Plaza Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503 Unsubscribe wps3cr3tn3wz@uruyoga.com Update Profile | About our service provider Sent by loveallbeckie@hotmail.com in collaboration with Try it free today