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Quantum Meditation, Usui Reiki, Open Heart Pride, Sweet Moon Lodge and so much MORE!   Practice of the Week: Showing up for your practice in studio is amazing, AND there is something extra magical about showing up for your practice outside of the studio. The URU team desires to support you in deepening your personal practice and to empower you to take learning and practicing into your own hands. This week we invite you to explore your practice off the mat! ???????? Outdoor Yoga ???????? As we celebrate the vibrant energy of the summer solstice, let’s take our practice outdoors and embrace the beauty of nature! ???????? Outdoor Yoga is all about feeling the sun on your skin, using nature’s props, and embracing the warmth and sweat that comes with practicing under the open sky. Here are some incredible benefits of practicing yoga outside: ???? Connection with Nature: Immerse yourself in the natural elements, feel the gentle breeze, and hear the soothing sounds of birds chirping. Connecting with nature enhances your overall sense of well-being and adds a deeper level of tranquility to your practice. ???? Vitamin D Boost: Soak up the sun’s nourishing rays and receive a natural dose of vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones, boosting your immune system, and elevating your mood. ???? Grounding and Earth Connection: Practice on the earth itself, feeling the support and stability that the ground provides. This connection to the earth enhances your grounding and helps you find balance in both your physical and energetic body. ???? Expansion and Openness: Practicing outside offers a sense of spaciousness and freedom as you move through your poses. Embrace the vastness of the sky above you and let it inspire a sense of expansion in your body, mind, and spirit. ???? Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment: Align your practice with the rhythms of nature and tap into the harmonious flow of the seasons. The summer solstice is a powerful time to cultivate inner balance and harmony, aligning your entire being with the abundant and vibrant energy of the sun. So leave your mat at home, find a serene outdoor space, and let the sun and nature be your guide. Feel the warmth, the connection, and the vitality that practicing yoga outside brings. Share your favorite outdoor yoga experiences with us on social media! Use the HASHTAG #uruyogadecadechallenge Happy practicing! JOIN US THIS WEEKEND….. Quantum Meditation & Energy Clearing w/ Swan Michelle Fri 6/16/2023 5:30pm – 7 pm $40 investment Location: URU Yoga – Gulf Breeze Based off of the inspirations and Swan Michelle’s recent Neuro- Consultant Training & Advanced Meditations Courses with Dr Joe Dispenza, enjoy excerpts from the book, “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself”, with teachings on the nervous system, the mind body connection of thinking and feeling in neuro- science, limited and unlimited belief systems, and the Unified quantum field. Learn 3 types of meditation, lying down, seated and standing, where we will access tools to clear and energize our energy centers. These are practical and mystical tools to embody a connection to the Higher Self that will enhance your access to presence. Learn: Chakra clearing techniques from Energy Medicine, Neuro-science harmonization Connecting to the unified field of quantum physics Standing meditation Lying down meditation for healing the body Seated meditation Book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza Swan Michelle www.swanmichelle.com www.pensacolabeachyogawellness.com www.swanriveryoga.com Founder; Pensacola Beach Yoga Wellness Founder; Swan River Yoga New Orelans Swan Michelle Yoga & Eco-Wellness Events, Trainings & Producer, Sound Therapy Experiences,Trauma Informed Holistic Council FB/Itunes/Spotify: Swan Michelle Register on MindBody Beach Yoga w/ Swan Michelle Sat 6/17/2023 9:30 am – 10:30 am $20 investment Location: Baby Beach Pensacola Beach 920 Rio VIsta Drive 32561 on the corner of Avenida 18, Sound Side (not Gulf Side) Spring- Fall Season! Come locals and visitors alike, all levels,…Radiantly begin your weekend with the perspective of enthusiasm, vibrance and glowing health, practicing slow flow based yoga on the beach with Swan Michelle. Enjoy: Cleansing breath work Mindful philosophy Accessible levels of support, strength, flexibility and fun Lying down meditations BRING: Yoga Mat Bolsters (if you have them) Blanket or head (if you have this) Some bolsters and blankets will be provided Drinking water There is a porta-potty and side street parking. Kids can play off in the distance if you are personally responsible for them! Weather and Refund NOTE: Registration for events, especially outdoor events, is non-refundable. If weather does not permit, we will inform you 2 hours before this event and it will be postposed. We will advise you to a future date that you can attend. Register on MindBody. Explore Self Love & Healing through Usui Reiki Level I w/ Tonya Morris Location: URU Yoga – 9 Mile Sat 6/17/2023 1 pm – 5 pm $125 investment This class will provide you with the history and origins of this healing modality, an understanding of your chakra system, meditations for daily practice, the importance of energetic hygiene and your level 1 attunement. Your investment of 125.00 will include your attunement and manual. If you wish to receive your certificate of completion the day of class, please reserve your space at www.uruyoga.com under Workshops/Events. Tonya Morris is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, an End of Life Doula, an Initiated Priest and a Medium. She brings 7 years of experience teaching all levels of Usui Reiki and assisting those in need of assistance on their personal journey. Register on MindBody Open Your Heart with Pride w/ Jen Faith & Hane Skot Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sat 6/17/2023 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm $20 Suggest Donation Let’s celebrate PRIDE with a 60-minute, heart-opening vinyasa flow and a guided meditation lead by Hane Skot (songwriter)! Most of my life, I struggled with substance abuse, masking who I truly am, and internalized shame. After years, I found the strength to come out, and my life changed completely! The love and support I received from the yoga community allowed me to honor myself, and live in my truth. Pride is both a joyous time of celebration and also an opportunity to recognize the work that is still left to be done. Let’s join together and work to make the world a better place; let’s help those in need find access to safe spaces! This is an all-inclusive event! (Everyone is welcome!) You can sign up on the BodyMind app or DM Faith Morley for more info We appreciate a $20 donation (or whatever you can spare) All proceeds will be donated to Sunday’s Child, a Pensacola Bay area organization that strives to enrich the quality of life and well-being of others regardless of age, race, Creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and or expression, disability, marital status and social economic status. Spaces are limited; we hope to see you there! Learn more about Sunday’s Child Register on MindBody Sweet Moon Lodge w/ Marni Location: URU Yoga – Airport Sun 6/18/2023 7 pm – 8:30 pm $22.22 investment June’s sweet moon lodge is ushering in the summer solstice and we welcome it with complete abandonment! As we move from season to season we gather under the moon for guided exercises that help us to enhance our Self-healing practices on a daily and practical basis. Are you looking to find ways to heal your mind, body, and spirit? Want to connect with other individuals who are also doing the work of life? Join us at URU for Sweet Moon Lodge at 7pm on June 18th, 2023. The exchange is $22.22 Bring a journal & pen. Your favorite teacup or mug. All the things you need to be comfortable on the floor and get ready to change your mind and change your life.  Register on MindBody Coming Up This Week…. Beach Sound Bath w/ Swan Michelle Mon 6/19/2023 6:30 – 7:45 pm $35 Investment This pure high vibrational lying down concert includes large crystal bowls, planetary gongs, an extensive collection of tuning forks, balinese metal drums, elemental chimes, along with the soothing serenade of sacred song by Swan Michelle. As a recalibration of the nervous system, Sound Therapy is a measurable and an accessible release of bound stress, trauma and energy in the body, emotions and mental faculties. This is both an incredibly creative and unique experience to bring your entire family to as a deep reset of the sacred. It is a form of art and a remembrance of beauty. All levels are welcome. There is no movement in this sound experience. Swan Michelle has been offering Sound Bath’s as an invitation to listen and deepen our sensitivity to harmonic, resonate frequencies at Swan River Yoga since 2012, offering a space of healing for thousands of recipients across the Gulf Coast and globe. She is a Certified Sound Therapist, now focused on holding space for them on the beach in Pensacola and The Gulf Region. Weather and Refund Policies: All special events are non-refundable. If circumstances out of our control, such as weather, do not permit for outdoor events, we will notify you within 1 hour of the event of the date change. If the date change does not work for you, you will be credited for the same event in the future. You will receive an email with location details about 2 hours before the event on the day of the event. Please email Halldora if you do not receive this email. Contact: Halldora Hart with for any information you may need: Email: Halldorauruyoga@gmail.com Text: 970.616.2988  Register on Mindbody Ice Bath w/ Justin Nutt Location: URU Yoga – Airport Tues 6/20/2023 8:00 – 8:30 am $15 Investment Benefits: ▶️ Boost your immune system ▶️ increase energy ▶️ Increase metabolism ▶️ Enhance your mood ▶️ Reduce inflammation Also, there is a separate Breath work class from 7 – 8 that is a great way to prepare for the ice bath. Register on Mindbody. Dolphin Cruise Sound Therapy Experience Location: URU Yoga – Gulf Breeze Weds 6/21/2023 6:45 – 8:15 pm $88 Investment Sponsored by The Positive Vibrations Foundation Enjoy a eco-wellness event to celebrate the beauty and radiance of our surroundings on the Gulf Region on the longest day of the year. Swan Michelle will be offering a Meditational Sound Bath after cruising aboard The Frisky Mermaid to learn about ,honor and respect part of our community, the dolphins. Sound Bath with Swan Michelle A Sound Therapy experience is a form of artful, meditative listening and receiving meant for the entire family. Bask in the pure high vibrational sounds in this unique, artful deep experience of coherence. Done lying down or seated as to view the dolphins and Gulf Coast, this art includes universal meditative mantra, crystal bowls, gong, an extensive collection of tuning forks, balinese metal drums, elemental chimes, along with the soothing serenade of sacred song by Swan Michelle and a unique collection of instruments from all over the world. This experience is also a form of therapy, It has measurable effects in releasing what is disharmonious in the body and bringing you to homeostasis, releasing exhaustion, stress, trauma or emotions held within the biology, brain & hormones in limbic system & parasympathetic energization. The provocation of vision, breath, presence and mindfulness will also be a component in remembering the whole while experiencing the expansiveness of spaciousness of the mind. Location, Time, Parking, and What To Bring: Captain Riley will be leaving the dock at 6:45pm sharp as we have planned this to perfectly witness the sunsetting on the longest day of the year. Arrive at 6:15pm so that you have plenty of time to. Parking by the Marina is tight and minimal. Suggested parking is behind Shaggy’s Restaurant, which is directly in front of Frisky Mermaid’s boat launch. Water will be provided, yet if you have other libations or snacks you wish to bring, please do. You may also choose to bring a meditation cushion or pillow as to sit or lie down for the listening portion of this event. Swan Michelle Sound Bath Testimonial: “One of my most cherished offerings is Sound Bath. I’ve been doing them in Swan River Yoga New Orleans, and around the world, since 2012. I value them as they are inward, accessible collectively, and get us to enjoy imbibing in the set of conscious listening, receiving, and changing our consciousness, ahead of time. Pure vibrational sound frequency is energy, and energy can change matter. Sound, as a therapy, will assist in unwinding the parasympathetic nervous system, where we often addict ourselves to habitually living under the hormones of stress and incoherence. The parasympathetic nervous system can better harmonize with the sympathetic nervous system in states of presence and stillness, where we lessen the gap between us and our divine nature into true heart coherence. This lends us to embody the reciprocal play of being both calm and alert, as instruments of energized divinity. Sound Bath’s are also art. It is a creative and uplifting means of meditating and getting into space, where potentiality resides. Having been surrounded by music most of my life, I consider music to be a path of of healing and re-acclimating back to vibrant health and joy. I’ve seen this in thousands of others. They come back to themselves, at ease, in wholeness, not as fatigued or stressed, yet radiant in their True nature after a Sound Bath. Families, all variances of able bodied and age come, which brings a true cast collective together. I deeply respect going IN with these far OUT sounds in the community, connecting and inter-connecting.” Swan Michelle About Swan MIchelle. www.swanmichelle.com www.swanriveryoga.com Swan Michelle has been teaching yoga full time since the year 1998 as one of the first handful of yoga teachers in New Orleans. She is the Founder of Swan River Yoga. She created the first Yoga Teacher Training in the region in 2006 and has blessedly taught thousands of beings yoga. She created her unique Sound Bath experiences in 2012 an has been offering them extensively throughout the Gulf Region to thousands of participants. Michelle has numerous certifications in a strong classical lineage, including Ram Dass, Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga certifications, studying with such teachers as Radhanath Swami, Sharon Gannon, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Amma, the hugging Saint , HH the Dalai Lama, Dr. Jaya Shri MD Sanskrit Scholar, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das Bhakti musician and Judith Lasater the creator of Restorative Yoga. Her most recent training is with Dr. Joe Dispenza in the study of meditation, neuroscience and quantum physics. She has traveled to India and Bali, the East, numerous ashrams and world many times to gather trainings in Asana, Sound Therapy, Restorative Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Bhakti Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Her specialties are offering and leading Yoga Trainings, Sound Bath Concerts and offering both local and International Yoga Retreats by the beach. She is also blessed to be a part of a strong female owned business, and as a mentor to many, encourages others to teach. Now at her new home in Pensacola Beach, FL, she offers these trainings and concerts and retreats along the coast and adores being by the ocean of devotion, where she loves to surf, paddle board, swim and commemorate with the sacred waters. She teaches at both Uru Yoga Gulf Breeze and her own studio in New Orleans, as well as many FL beach locations, and Bali! You can view her many offerings, online courses, videos, mantra CD’s, and dharma blogs at her personal website www.swanmichelle.com and her studio at www.swanriveryoga.com . Swan Michelle can be found on Pandora and Spotify & is currently making a Sound Bath CD!. FB Swan Michelle IG Swan_Michelle Register on Mindbody. 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